Sunday, November 11, 2018

Radio - Sunday November 11th, 2018

You can download the show here.

The first hour of the show is punk dealing with issues of war and peace to add to the discussion on Remembrance Day.....

CREATIVE ZERO - White Crosses (Unreleased)

DIRECT ACTION – Fire in the Sky (Bitzcore)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Fire in the Rain (Fringe)
NEGATIVE GAIN - No Life At All (Pusmort)
SUDDEN IMPACT - To Our Glorious Dead (Diabolic Force)
MSI - Army Mentality (B.Y.O.B. / Schizophrenic)

UNRULED - Time is Running Out (Schizophrenic)
S.C.U.M. - Go To War (Psyche Industries)
BORN DEAD ICONS – Monuments (Deranged)
INEPSY - Conspiracy WWIII (Feral Ward)
PROXY - Nurenburg Nightmare (Inflammable Material / Imminent Destruction)

CRASS - Fight War Not Wars - They've Got A Bomb (Crass)
CRISIS – Holocaust (Action Group / Ardkor)
KILLING JOKE – Wardance (Malicious Damage)
CHRON GEN - Puppets of War (Gargoyle / Fresh) 
DISCHARGE - Realities of War (Clay)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - Army Song (Abrasive)

UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Bombs of Peace (H’art Musik)
INFERNO - Life at War (Mulleimer)
TOXOPLASMA - Bunker Party (Weird System)
KGB – Napalm (Hard Way)
BURIAL - Abyss of Hate (Deranged)

The rest of the show programs a ton of new punk to check out. 

U-NIX – Landlord (Feel It)
AMENACA РUniformització (Discos Enfermos)
BLOOD PRESSURE – Expectations (Beach Impediment)
MASS ARREST - White World (Self-Released)
BULLSHIT HARDCORE BAND - Let Them Eat Credit Default Swaps (Self-Released)

MURO – Desahuciados (Fuerza Ingobernable / Byllepest Distro)
TASHME - Where You Fall (Self-Released)
APOCALYPSE TRIBE - The Detention Camps (Self-Released)
CEMENT SHOES - Vile Facist Future (Loki Label)
OI POLLOI – Soil Yourself (Beluga Music)

PUPPY AND THE HANDJOBS - Fuck the World (Slovenly)
INTENT OPPGJOR - Turn Off E-Z Listen (Byllepest Distro)
ULTIMO IMPERIO – 1940 (Discos Enfermos / Oscuridad en mi Vida)
STIFF LOVE – Attitudes (Feel It)
ROTTEN COLUMN - Watching the Wall (Self-Released)

CRUMB - Future Leash (Self-Released)
STIGMATISM - End Is Near (Beach Impediment)
CLITERATI - Hard Times (Self-Released)
OVERSIGHT - Into the Void (Running in Place)
PAYDAY - Dead on your Feet (Quality Control HQ)
xSERVITUDEx – Stained (Life Liar Regret / Bound by Modern Age / Rage)
ANTAGONIZE - Land of Dreams (Triple B)

Tonight's demo feature is this oi band from Calgary called the Enforcers who have a four song recording available on bandcamp

THE ENFORCERS – Anti-Social (Self-Released)
THE ENFORCERS – Alt-Right Nightmare (Self-Released)
THE ENFORCERS – Chaos (Self-Released)
THE ENFORCERS – Ultraviolence (Self-Released)

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