Sunday, August 6, 2017

Radio - Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tonight's show was pre-empted for the first hour and featured a special guest. James V James from the Toronto band Lobot joined Rob to play a set of noisy material. Download an MP3 of the show here.

We started out with a classic:

NEW YORK DOLLS - Looking for a Kiss (Mercury)

BRAD POT - Air Strike (Slovenly)
THE ACTION - TV's On The Blink (Montreco)
RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS - Blue Ghosts (Xtra Mile)
HUMPERS - Dummy Got A Hunch (Epitaph)

And then James made some noise:

AVSKUM - Freedom Of Speech (Distortion)
BRAIN BOMBS - Who Can You Trust (Blackjack)
RASPBERRY BULBS - Cracked Flesh (Blackest Ever Black)
PRIVATE ROOM - Shining Moment (Iron Lung)
PRIVATE ROOM - Good Behavior (Iron Lung)
BLANK VEINS - Till It Subsides (UNC)
CULT RITUAL - Last Time (Youth Attack)

GROOVIE GHOULIES - A New England (Lookout)
B-SIDES - Spy vs. Spy (Friends)

THE CHEAP CASSETTES - My Little Twin (Rum Bar)

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