Sunday, August 13, 2017

Radio - Sunday, August 13th, 2017

We started off tonight's show with a band playing in Toronto next Thursday, which is Casual Burn. Tonight's show is effected by a number of current affairs which include the dog incident on the TTC, the US stand off against North Korea, the Parkdale Rent Strike, the white nationalist riots in Charlottesville, and upcoming punks shows in Toronto. See the playlist below to figure out which songs apply to which current  events. You can download an MP3 file of the show here.

CASUAL BURN - Normopathy (Self-Released)

XYLITOL - Get Your Woofin' Dog Off Me(Self-Released)
TESTA DURA - Realtà Sbagliata (Even Worse)
PISSING MATCH - Cryptic Tongues / Inflated Balloons (Feral Kid)
NEGATIV - 3 Minutes to Midnight (Byllepest)
KATASTROF - Sista Dagen (Beach Impediment)

BOBOS A GO GO - Jose Culo (Self-Released)
REVERSO - Bien (Self-Released)
D’PUROS - Canilla de albañI (Self-Released)
IDEAS NEUROTICAS - Mis Ideas (Self-Released)
NO USE FOR A NAME - 1945 (Fat)

NIGHTWATCHERS - Deposition (Self-Released)
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Leb I Igri (Ill in the Head)
DAME - Glitch (Charm School)
S.H.I.T. - Generation Shit (Lengua Armada)
IMPALERS - Nazi Burning Man (Can 'o Bees)
PRIMITIVE BLAST - No Youth - No Use (Last Ride)
PERDIDOS - Déjà vu (Self-Released)
HEX - P.O.P. (Milk Run)
ALIEN BOYS - Silencer (Self-Released)
INNOCENT - Existence (Side Two)

CIVILIZED - Stagnate (Youth Attack)
CULTURE SHOCK - You're Next (Youth Attack)
AGGRESSION PACT - Ruptured Thoughts (Painkiller)
GLUE - Hammered Down (La Vida Es Un Mus)
FIREWALKER - Something in the Air (Self-Released)
SAFE STATE - Your Way (Straight and Alert)
CONDENA – Hasta El Final (Self-Released)
KEEP OUT – Kidistraction (Luigi)

FLOWERS OF EVIL – Introvert (Deranged)
GUTTER - Under Surveillance (Self-Released)
YOUNG IDEAS - Shield or Sword (Crowd Control Media)
THE DECLINE - Outsiders (Kicking Records, Guerilla Asso, Rural Muzik, Zone Onze Records, Abracadaboum, General Strike)
SOCIETY’S ILLS – Rebels Sing (Self-Released)
RIPCORDZ - Youth War (En Guard)

SLUMS OF THE FUTURE – Mechanism (Compressed Thought)
HARDWARE – Invader (Atomic Action)
FILTHPACT - King of Shit (At War with False Noise)
NO FAITH - No Police (Rest In Power Mike Brown) (Iron Lung)
THROAT BREACH – Vacancy (Self-Released)
GEIGER COUNTER - Killing a Bigot (Desolate / Phobia)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Montreal which shares some past history with Malokiio. Marjie from SHEXD originally played Odd on one of the episodes of SHEXD and because SHEXD will be doing their summer edition program on Sunday August 27th I wanted to re-visit this chestnut of a demo. You can find the demo at their bandcamp page. 

ODD – Control (Self-Released)
ODD – Witches of the State (Self-Released)
ODD – Euthanasia (Self-Released)
ODD – Dementia (Self-Released)
ODD – Society’s Fools (Self-Released)
ODD – Denial (Self-Released)

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