Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dragged in studio 3 session

Dragged in is a new band that plays melody with their hardcore in a way that harkens that early Dag Nasty sound found on "Can I Say". The band has two recordings which you can hear for themselves on bandcamp. Dave Fenton and Martin Poulin used to play in Deadmouth and continued to practise after the band broke up. They recruited Bruce from Endprogram to drum and Bruce recruited Patty from Brutal Youth and Ryan joined after mixing the first recording. That's the Reader's Digest version of how the band came together. 

We have recorded with all of these folks so there was some familiarity with everyone and the way things worked. 

We recorded the set twice and a few sings more times than that. The later recordings Patty started to lose his voice but we didn't figure that out until afterwards so here are the songs that the band was happy with recording.

1. Burning Inside
2. Absolute
3. Safe Together
4. Until It Kills
5. August
6. Dragged In
7. Sedative
8. Empty Glasses
9. Get Low
10. Stand Strong
11. Blackest Moments
12. Unsinkable
13. After the Flood

and then the band recorded some IDs for the station and the show. The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson ad video taped by Aldo Erdic. 

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