Sunday, May 28, 2017

Radio - Sunday, May 28, 2017

Here is tonight's show which can be downloaded here

GAY KISS - Habitual Teething (Self-Released)

ACCIDENTE - Si te Marchas Ahora (Self-Released)
EL BANDA - Lumbago (Self-Released)
LA PERRERA ‎– Yo Pierdo El Tiempo (Basati Diskak)
DIRECT HIT - They Came for Me (Kind of Like)
PRO PUBLICO BONO – Przestalismy Pisa Po Murach (Pasazer)
THE REAL MCKENZIES - Fuck the Real McKenzies (Stomp)

The rest of the show is guest hosted by Andre Zadorozny. Andre did a hardcore radio show at CHRW called "Hardcore Still Lives". While that was quite a while ago Andre remains an avid collector of punk and follower of the scene which will become evident in what he plays.

MAULER - Living in a Nightmare (Self-Released)
SHIKABANE - Occupation (MCR Company)
ISKRA - Nihil (Profane Existence)
WILD SIDE - A Walk on the Wild Side (Mosher's Delight)
LOSE LOSE - Absolute Regret (Self-Released)

DENIM & LEATHER – Picture of a Dog (Milk Run)
FREE – MA Flex (Self-Released)
OBLITERATION – No Escape (N.I.T.A. / Disposable)
VILE INTENT – Poke (Choking Hazard)
GENEX – Squalor (Self-Released)

BARGE – Play Your Part (Self-Released)
ENAMEL – Nothing (Self-Released)
KRIEGSHOG – Just Because (La Vida Es Un Mus / HG Fact)
OMEGAS – Fevered Freedom (Painkiller)
THE SWARM – Bleeding to Death (No Idea)

URBAN BLIGHT – Slow Death (Deranged)
CULTURE SHOCK – Culture Shock (Youth Attack)
PMS 84 – Meat (Discos Enfernos)
SEX PRISONER – Underbite (Deep Six)
ALIENATION – Dad Body (Warthog Speak)
MODERN PROBLEMS – Foolish Times (Not Like You)

Tonight's demo Feature was shared with us by Jose El Podrido of Frequency Incendiaras. Maldita are a new Toronto punk band with a five song demo that can be found on bandcamp.

MALDITA – Sonnia (Self-Released)
MALDITA – Policia No Me Pegue (Self-Released)
MALDITA – Callar (Self-Released)

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