Sunday, October 30, 2016

Radio - Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Tonight we feature an interview with Oi Polloi from Edinburgh. Oi Polloi were in town two and a half weeks back and I asked them into the station to give us an interview before their show. But this isn't the first time I have been able to speak to the band, back in 1990 my first band opened for Oi Polloi and they stayed at my place for a week and I got to know the band really well. They have had a huge impact on me over the years and I wasn't able to see them the last time they were here, so this time I made extra effort to make sure we got back in touch. We cover the band's early history, Scottish independence in the face of BREXIT, the use of Scottish Gaelic and other languages in Oi Polloi's material, and catch up with their latest release "Saorsa" with the song "Dirty Protest". It was so great to catch up with what to me has been a groundbreaking band in the hardcore scene. You can download the interview here. the playlist for tonight's show is:

OI POLLOI – Pigs for Slaughter (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
THE EXPLOITED – Exploited Barmy Army (Secret)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
THE SKIDS - Of One Skin (Windsong)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI - Don't You Want Me Baby (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI – Punx ‘n Skinz (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI - Hands Off Nicaragua (Endangered Musik)
OI POLLOI – Americans Out (Oi)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI – When Two Men Kiss (Words of Warning
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI - Systeemin Onja (Profane Existence)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI – Contra El Sistema (Artcore)
OI POLLOI – Interview (CIUT)
OI POLLOI – Dirty Protest (Ruination / Mass Productions)
VCR – Scream Again (Murder City Video / Barfbag)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Calgary. This is their first demo. They have a new titled “Stephen’s world” which is also on their bandcamp page.

GAWKER - Adult Acne (Self-Released)
GAWKER - Peeping Tommy Boy (Fat Man Looking Through a Tiny Window) (Self-Released)
GAWKER - Toe-Ring (Self-Released)
GAWKER - Spoiled Rotten (Self-Released)
GAWKER - Chongo (Self-Released)

GAWKER - My Only Pants (Self-Released)

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