Sunday, October 2, 2016

Radio - Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

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GAUNT – Spine (Datapanik)

DISASTERBATORS – Searchin' (Shake!)
THE FALL-OUTS – About You (Super Electro Sound)
THE CARBONAS – Journey to the End (Goner)
THE RIP OFFS – Hooked on Phonics (Pure Filth)
MIRACLE WORKERS – Already Gone (Voxx)

DEMICS – I Wanna Know (Ready)
GRAVEDIGGERS V – Spooky (Voxx)
GANG OF FOUR – I Found that Essence Rare (EMI)
PERE UBU – Final Solution (Hearthan)

Zoom were super important for the Toronto punk scene. Self-Releasing one of the first punk singles in Toronto called “Sweet Desperation” and opening the doors for punk bands to play the Colonial Underground which is where the first wave of punk bands cut their teeth, Zoom paved the way. Forty years later an LP of unreleased material has just been released by Ugly Pop and Chris Haight and John Hamilton have reformed the band to play a record release show. They came in yesterday to tell us about Zoom, their gigs, their songs, their recordings and stories from around that time.

ZOOM – Sweet Desperation (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Massacre at Central High (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Hollywood Babylon (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Where Have All the Good Times Gone (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Nowheresville (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
BB GABOR – Nyet Nyet Soviet (Anthem)
ZOOM – Young and Alive (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – Schoolgirl Hitchhker (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – My Baby’s Got No Brains (Ugly Pop)
ZOOM – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM – I Hate You (Ugly Pop)

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