Sunday, August 28, 2016

Radio - Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Here is tonight's show featuring a lot of new music, some new re-issues, a studio 3 session with Prom Nite, a top 10 for August and a demo feature by Two Faced Leaders out of Indonesia. Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here

SNAKE CHARMER - Shao Xing (Schizophrenic)

ROGERNOMIX - Tasered Mum (Always Never Fun)
SICK SYMPTOM - Claim to Be (Self-Released)
SEM HASTRO - Quem São Vocês (Hysteria)
RUT - Seen Not Heard (Self-Released)
SHROUD - Self-Misanthrope (Self-Released)

DOA – Fucked Up Donald (Sudden Death)
CBH – Wankyman – Singapore (4490 Records)
THE UNDERDOGS - Dead Soldier. (Riot City)
THE DICKS – Right Wing / White Ring (SST / Alternative Tentacles)
PURE HELL - Noise Addiction (Agente Provocator / Beat Generation / Felguera Editores)
THE DANCING CIGARETTES - Dance Dogs Dance (Magnetic South)

This studio 3 session was recorded back on Tuesday June 21st, 2016. We recorded in the hallway on the Third floor at Hart House outside of the broadcast studios, which fits in with the DIY spaces that Prom Nite have recorded in so far. The band features Anya on vocals, Ivan on guitar, Scott on bass, and Chloe on drums. The band has made limited edition cassettes out of this recording which has some other songs that won't appear tonight so you should get in touch with the band for a copy. We are starting off with the song “Friendly Boy” because that is how the interview starts off as well.

PROM NITE - Friendly Boy (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Rock Becomes Reality (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - It’s Boring (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Missionary (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - No Motivation (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Tied Down (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Weekend (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Prize Pig (CIUT)
PROM NITE - Interview (CIUT)

Here is my Top 10 for August 2016 in reverse order :

10. HAMMERHEAD “Opu War in Ord” ep - Hier geht's da lang (Heart First)
9. TRIAGE “Power Beat” ep - Hide in Shame (Larry Tony Produzioni)
8. IN SCHOOL “Cement Fucker” ep - Awakening (Thrilling Living)
7. DIVISION “Conscription” ep - One Man Revolution (Division International)
6. CULTURE SHOCK “Attention Span” CD - What Have We Got to Hide (Alternative Tentacles)
5. RAVAGE FIX “Chruzlinge” ep - Kei Labe (Rinderherz)
4. RIXE “Les Neufs a Vil” ep - Hexagone (La Viads Es Un Mus)
3. ODIO “Un Mundo Libero Dall’uomo” - Fabulous Horrific Beast (Nightrider)
2. IMPULSE “Backbreaker” - Culture Vulture (To Live a Lie)
1. PARANOID “Pandemonium Hell” ep - Darkness (Viral Age)

TREDJE KONET - En Neger (Rosa Honung)
SEWER BRIGADE - Tears on my Face (Mad Butcher)
QUEENSBURY RULES - Betrayal (United Riot)
HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE – Brit Pop Sucks (Coldfront)
BARCELONA - Infierno De Cobardes (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SMEAR - Muzzle (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Indonesia. A new band called Two Faced Leaders

TWO FACED LEADERS - Dirty (Self-Released)
TWO FACED LEADERS - Payback (Self-Released)
TWO FACED LEADERS - Did You Hear All Sounds (Self-Released)
TWO FACED LEADERS - Violent (Self-Released)

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