Sunday, August 14, 2016

Radio - Sunday, August 14, 2016

Still a vague Olympics theme as this worldwide spectacle still has our attention. A bunch of jocks on a beach in South America sounds like a beach party and maybe one I don't want to be at which is why we picked the Dead Marines song to start with. The show will feature more Brazilian punk later in the show. Please download the show here

DEAD MARINES - Beach Party 1984 (Iowa City)

PROM NITE - I See Red (Self-Released)
OUTCRY - War is Coming (Self-Released)
SHROUD - Barrel Bomb (Self-Released)
TASHME - Tashme (Self-Released)
STRAIGHT TRUTH - R.C.M.P. (Self-Released)
VCR - VCR (Kills A Cop)
CONMAN - Straight Shot (Self-Released)
GENEX - Tooth and Claw (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Incorporation

PSEUDO – Airplane (Self-Released)
THE FAIRMOUNTS – Kiddo (Clearview)
FASHIONISM – Subculture Suicide
THE MANDATES – Maryanne (Hosehead)

TOTAL DICKS - Ugly Bitch (Self-Released)
GRUMP – Synopticon (Self-Released)
HARDCHARGER – Two Day Hangover (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS – Cody's Vacay (Self-Released)
THE BRISTLES – Waiting for Linda from Human Relations

CHEAP APPEAL – Complete Degenerate (Self-released)
HOT MAYONNAISE – Dungeon of Love (Jelly Music)
THE BOYS – Everybody Loves Raymond (Self-Released)
ALIENATION – Pure Hate (Self-Released)
MAD – Disgusting (Disgusting)

Brazilian Punk, part 2. As I was looking up material from last week's show. I came across a great blog called Share This Breath, much of which has been pulled together here in a tidbit form. 

3D - Parasita (Self-Released) - 1989 from Porto Alegre
COBAIAS - Terrorismo Sem Bomba (Self-Released) - 1989 from Porto Alegre
TOXOPLASMOSE - Prisioneiras (Self-Released) - 1997 from Rio
DEAD FISH - Third World Friendship (Lonal) - 1998 from Vitorio
RTL - Hands Held - 1998 from Brasilia
STREET BULLDOGS - Karma Chameleon (Clorine) - 1999 from Pindamonhangaba
NO REST - Contest to construct (Self-Released) - 2000 from Porto Alegre

ACAO DIRETA - Conspiracão (U.P.S. / De Graanrepubliek) - 2004 from a split with Shikari
DISFORME - Resistência - 2006 from Brasilia
FIRSTATIONS - Hurry Up! - 2006 from Brasilia
BAIXO CALAO - A Grande Adição de Zeros (Self-Released)
LEPTOSPIROSE - Política (Laja)

HELVETIN VIEMARIT - Vihaan Työtä - 2013 from Sao Paulo
NAFIA - Muros - 2011 from Sao Paulo
SKATE PIRATA - Desconectado - 2012 from Brasilia
DESACATO CIVIL - Paixões de Mercado - 2013 from Sao Paulo
EU O DECLRO MEU INIMIGO - Ni un día más - 2013 from Recife
NOSKILL - Rebeca - 2013 
ABUSO SONORO - Alienação em Massa

Soap will be playing an upcoming show and they have a four song demo. Ivan from School Jerks, Kremlin fame is in this band. You can find these songs on their bandcamp page. 

SOAP – To It and At It (Self-Released)
SOAP – Psycho Shack (Self-Released)
SOAP – Prick Boy (Self-Released)
SOAP – Fly Babys (Self-Released)

FRIED EGG – Eggshells (Negative Jazz)

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