Sunday, June 5, 2016

Radio - Sunday, June 5th, 2015

Above is a player for the show or you can download an MP3 file for the show here

DEFY - F.B.I. (Self-Released)

HIP CHEMISTS - Pop Songs (Kio)
THE ROUSERS - Mr. D.J. (Torso)
63 MONROE - 2 Minutes 38 (Speed City)
DEVIOUS ONES - Stylus to Speaker (Rust on the Blade)
CASCARRABIAS - Radio Infernal (Self-Released)

IDNS – Cold as Steel (Self-Released)
OWEN WILSON – 72 Hours (Yeah Right)
SKITKIDS – En Gastromonisk Resa (Kick 'n Punch)
REPTILOIDS – Great Nitty Snow (Hardware)
NIGHTMARE – Black Window (Selfish)

RHYTHM OF CRUELTY - Short Circuit (Self-Released)
POST NASAL DRIP - Stay Gold (Self-Released)
GOJIRA - Mousemate (Soap Dodger)
Z.E.D. - Musica da Banderia (Self-Released)
SPAZZ - Tender Vittles (Sound Pollution)
ZEN LUNATICS – H.Y.U. (Divis and Mason)
FISSURE - Welcome To The Fourth Annual 100 Meter Juggalo Dash (Grindpromotion)
DIORETIX - Abolition (Self-Released)
SKIPLICKERS - Noisey Neighbours (Kids of the Lughole)
HEADSHOT - Sistema De Mierda (Self-Released)
JAENG - Systems 
SCARFOLD - Diagnausea (Self-Released)

DISHAMMER – Pain in the Ass (Hell's Headbangers)
STRESS SS – Olika Hall (Adult Crash)
IMPALERS – High Wired (Can O Bees)
KORSFAST – Jagarslakt (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
LAUTSTURMER – We are the Audio Plague (Black Seed)

THE CRINGE - Material Eyes (Self-Released)
SATAN ZAGUERO - Siempre Hay una Movida para Estar 
BILL BONDSMEN - Unheard (Mastermind)
BOOJI BOYS - I Dream of Booji (Self-Released)
NOBLE SAVAGES - She’s So Serious (It’s Trash)

NO MORE ART – Ghosts (Rock Star)
MISANTROPIC – Born to Die (Southern Lord)
DRILLER KILLER – Futureless (Distortion)
NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR – Total Annihilation (Plague Bearer)
ABSOLUT – Burnt Hell (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
PARASYTES - Paranoid Visions (Distort Reality)
RIXE – Hexagone (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CURASBUN OI! - Eskudo Boys 
SABOTAGE - STI (Self-Released)
THE TERMINAL FIVE - Against A Wall (Feel It)
LOSS AVERSION - Slacker (Self-Released)

The Spastic Panthers were from Calgary. Dan Izzo, the singer from them also sings in Motherfuckers. He was just in studio 3 last month and gave us a copy of this recording. It's a posthumous release on cassette only.

SPASTIC PANTHERS – Sleepwalker (Handsome Dan)
SPASTIC PANTHERS - Suit and Tie (Handsome Dan)
SPASTIC PANTHERS – Party Like a Ninja Turtle (Handsome Dan)
SPASTIC PANTHERS - Amphetamine Vampire (Handsome Dan)
SPASTIC PANTHERS – Coaldale Saturday Night (Handsome Dan)

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