Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FLQ studio 3 session

The FLQs started out as a Viletones cover band. FLQ comes from a reference in the song "Rebel". The band featured a different line up that included Ivan from School Jerks and Todd from Bad Skin.  As the line up changed so did the song writing and the FLQs became FLQ and started writing their own songs. The band currently features Luke on vocals, Erik (from Hassler) on guitar, Jeff on bass, and Brice on drums. FLQ has recorded a few times and you can find these recordings up at their bandcamp page including a couple of songs from this session. Ian Wilkinson recorded the following songs:

1. Perverse
2. Untitled
3. Bleed Out
4. Rat
5. Conditions
6. Turn It

The band also did some IDs for us:


and we spoke after the session where Luke explained the songs and the band talked about shows and a tour they did last year. 

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