Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Prom Nite studio 3 session

This session was recorded on Tuesday June 21st, 2016. Scott (Bassist) and Chloe (Drummer) had been into the station before with their respective bands (VCR, Wrong Generation, and Anti-Vibes). Anya (Vocalist) and Ivan (Guitarist) were at the station for the first time. Ian recorded and mixed the session which has also become a tour tape that Prom Nite are touring with. Prom Nite recorded the following songs:

1. Tied Down
2. No Motivation
3. It’s Boring
4. Weekend
5. Prize Pig
6. Missionary
7. Snakes
8. Friendly Boy
9. Condo
10. Entirety of Man
11. Rock Becomes Reality
13. EXD ID

We were able to interview the band afterwards in which Anya explained the songs recorded. And Scratched Lens take lots of photos that we have posted up on facebook in a Prom Nite album.

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