Sunday, November 22, 2015

Radio - Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tonight's show started out with a Top 10 for November because next week we will be featuring a show on the Punk scene in the DDR.You can download an MP3 file of the show here.

THE MAHONES – Alternative Ulster (Wolverine)

NUCLEAR AGE “Look Around” ep - Power of Youth
CORNA KRUSWA - =-) (Mamma Leone / Phantom)
CONSTANT INSULT - I Quit (Let’s Pretend)
DIRECT YOUTH – True Speed (Halshugga)
SMASTADSLIV – Einstaan (Self-Released)
MIND CONTROL – Downplay (Self-Released)
LONG KNIFE - Teenage Death Ceremony (Long Knife)
SKULLCRACK - Cut It Down (Adios Motherfucker)
CONCEALED BLADE – Never Heard (Self-Released)
C.I.B. - Hokuto Shinken is not good for our shows (Self-Released)

A set inspired by the Punk45 series of comps

THE USERS – Sick of You (Soul Jazz)
CHI PIG – Ring Around the Collar (Soul Jazz)
THE HOLLYWOOD BRATS – Sick on You (Soul Jazz)
THE COFFIN LIDS - Sonic Reducer (Bomp)
THE GIZMOS – Mean Screen (TimeChange)

GRUMP – Synopticon (Weak Link)
ABSOLUT - Systems Cross (D-Takt and Rapunk)
SILENT ORDER – Decay (Self-Released)
BALLOT BURNER – Nothingness (Harvest King)

A set inspired by a punk covers benefit for Syrian refugees held last night

GERMS – Media Blitz (Slash)
SNFU – Broken Toy (BYO)
KILLING JOKE – Eighties (EG / Malicious Damage)
THE PARTISANS – Police Story (No Future)

BISHOPS GREEN – We Got Nothing (Rebellion)
FLQ - Culture of Infants (Self-Released)
GROINOIDS - Doy Doy Doy (Modern Method)
DOA - Pipeline Fever (Sudden Death)
MERCENARY - No Uniform (Self-Released)

THE INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND – Bullet in My Head (Psycho)
THE CIGARETTES - It's the Only Way to Live (Die) (Company)
THE CHORDS – Now It’s Gone (Polydor)

Tonight's demo feature is SAGO who are a new local hardcore band that features Alex, the drummer from the Sofistifucks on vocals. You can hear the demo at the band's bandcamp page.

SAGO – Accusations (Self-Released)
SAGO – In Harm’s Way (Self-Released)
SAGO – Antipathy (Self-Released)
SAGO – The Throwaway (Self-Released)
SAGO – Ignorant Shit (Self-Released)
SAGO – Faceless Criminals (Self-Released)


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