Sunday, November 1, 2015

Radio - Sunday November 1st, 2015

The day after Hallowe'en and the 6th anniversary for Rob Ferraz behind the mic. Download the show here

THE SWARM - November 1st (No Idea)

CULTURE SHOCK - Thought you were a friend (JMR)
THE CRUCIFUCKS - You Give Me the Creeps (Alternative Tentacles)
VALLEY BOYS - Side Effects (Cut the Cord)
B-LINES – Supplements (Hockey Dad)
VCR - Boris The Spider (Self-Released)
HARMONICA LEWINSKI - Boy on Fire (Reel Time)

THE 5, 6, 7, 8' s – Woo Hoo (Maverick)
THE RAYDIOS – Brand New Kid (Slovenly)
THE MANDATES – Phantasmagoria (Hosehead)
CRAWLERS – I'm Gonna Kill You (Slovenly)
LOW POINT DRAINS – Come Home (Slovenly)

SEVERAL FUTURES – Thatcher in the Rye (Self-Released)
DEVO – Turn Around (Rhino)
MODERN LOVERS – Pablo Picasso (Beserkley)
THE HOPELESSLY OBSCURE – She's My Best Bette (Throbbing Lobster)
WHITE CROSS – Speed Up the Presses (Zero Degree)

NERVOUS TALK – Different Person (Hosehead)
PARASITES – Never Giving Up on You (Shredder)
WHITE FLAG – Suicide King (Positive Force)
SUPERSUCKERS – Run Like a Motherfucker (Sub Pop)

BLANK SPELL - Vulgar Flowers (Self-Released)
BEAVER SLAP - Cannibal Love Song (Self-Released)
STRANGLED - Dread (Crude City)
STEEL CHAINS - Rotten Dove (Self-Released)

SA-INT - Paata Seinaan (S,A. Records)
CHACHI ON ACID - The Moment We Meet (Self-Released)
DERBE LEBOWSKI - Claws – Berlin (Self-Released)
AGGRESSION PACT - No Peace No Truce (Self-Released)
PARANOID - Bouryoku (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
BALLOT BURNER - Fear of Extinction (Harvest King)

Top 10 – September 2015
BUTANNA – Burn It Down (Self-Released)
THE BUG – What's Buggin You (Not Normal)
DON GATTO – For the Friendship For the Fun (Self-Released)
BLITZKRIEG - Tko je kriv (Ne!)
MCRAD - Prevent that Tragedy (Not Like You)
YDI – Friends (Southern Lord)
SEXFACE - Step Into Oblivion (Distort Reality)
SHORT LEASH – Liberal Nazi (Self-Released)
VERTIGO - Bajo La Sombra (Tadpole)
VAASKA - Que Futuro? (Beach Impediment)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Georgetown, Ontario called Wretched Fools. Featuring former members of AT WHAT COST they are playing here at the end of December.

WRETCHED FOOLS - Heroin Death Cult (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS - Bad Decisions (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS - Rotting Soul (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS - Riot Scarred Cities (Self-Released)
WRETCHED FOOLS - Another Wretched Day (Self-Released)

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