Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Triage studio 3 session

Self-proclaimed hesher-core, Triage have already recorded a six song cassette last December. It's pretty great in an Attitude Adjustment sort of way. The band feature Lia on vocals who used to be in Cunt Punt and currently plays in VCR, Sadie on guitar who has recorded studio 3 sessions with Direct Approach and Burial Permit, Matt on bass who plays in VCR and the Frags and records a bunch of bands in the contemporary scene, and Kaelan on drums who used to drum for Brutal Youth and currently also plays guitar in the Frags. Lia spent some time getting a vocal effect for this session. Matt was wearing an Accused t-shirt. We recorded the following songs:

- Secret War
- Retaliatory Strike
- Society's Victim (Discharge)
- Power Beat
- Intro / White Eyes
- Fear Eater
- Dystopic Scene
- Everyday in Hell
- New song

They also put together the following IDs:

- CIUT is a Retaliatory Strike ID
- EXD is like Everyday in Hell ID

We also did an interview with the band after the session.

The session was recorded by Big Brother's Ian Wilkinson. Aldo and Candy from Punks 'n Rockers video taped the session. 

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