Sunday, June 14, 2015

Radio - Sunday June 14th, 2015

Here is the broadcast for Sunday, June 14th starting out with the title track of the new Ancient Heads ep which also happens to fit how we are feeling with a week of rain and another week forecasted. Download the show here for your mobile device listening.

ANCIENT HEADS - It Can't Rain Forever (Deathwish Inc)

JOHN COOPER CLARKE - Daily Express (You Never See a Nipple In)
WRECKLESS ERIC - Rags and Tatters (Stiff)
THE SECRETS – All the Girls (Bomp)
THE JAM – All Around the World (Burning)
BLACK MARKET BABY - America's Youth (Taang)

SISTER HYDE – Cock of the Town (Self-Released)
THE ANTI-QUEENS – Halls of Ivory (Self-Released)
NOBLE SAVAGES – Music Will Kill You (Self-Released)
LEE PARADISE – Paradise (Pleaseance)
THE DICKIES – Gigantor (A and M)

CHAIN RANK – Up Against the Wall (Self-Released)
2 x 4 – Mental Shock (Twerp)
BLOOD PRESSURE – Chronic Abuse (Self-Released)
VAASKA - Religion-Destruccion (Beach Impediment Records)
ABSOLUT – Noose (Runstate)
JAVLA - Creature Comforts (Self-Released)
PILLAGE - Break Out (Residue)

IRON CROSS – You're a Rebel (GMM)
FOLK FESTIVAL MASSACRE – Information (High School Champion)
CRIMINALS – Radio (New Disorder)
SCHOOL DAMAGE – I wanna be wasted (Self-Released)
MORAL CRUX – Psychotic Neurotic (Goblin)

BREAKOUT - Sheltered Minds (Self-Released)
AMDI PETERSENS ARMY - Skate og do (Kick 'n Punch)
UDUSIC – Orchitis (Self-Released)
THE VAPIDS – Thin Skin (Surfin’ Ki)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – Dirty Glass (Self-Released)
BLOCKHEAD - Quarantine Me (Self-Released)

FARTZ – Idiots Rule (Alternative Tentacles)
PANIC – Our Choice is Made (Bridge 9)
EXPLOITED – Was it me (Dream Catcher)
VERBAL ABUSE – I Hate You (Beer City)
FILTH – Night of Rage (Lookout)

PRIMETIME - Last Night (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ANTI VIBES - Strange Strange Love (Self-Released)
NOWHERE MEN – Tyrian Purple (Self-Released)
DOWNTOWN BOYS – Future Police (Don Giovanni)
MIDNIGHT CRISIS – Tekopyhat Pellet. (Renderherz)

RULETA RUSA – Divina Providencia (Discos MMM)
PEEPLE WATCHIN' – Us vs Them (Trashy)
SLOPPY KISSES – New Pompeii (Self-Released)
INSERVIBLES – Ruido de Mierda (La Vida Es Un Mus)
TOWANDA – Delete the Elite (Killer Haze)

Tonight's demo feature is a new project band from Hamilton featuring Scott from Born Wrong and Nate from TV Freaks/Flesh Rags. You can download this recording through High Fashion Industries.

TOTAL DICKS – Ugly Bitch (High Fashion Industries)
TOTAL DICKS – Overdraft (High Fashion Industries)
TOTAL DICKS – Grocery Store Mutant (High Fashion Industries)
TOTAL DICKS – Care to Bleed (High Fashion Industries)

SCUMRAID – Chronic Isolation (Iron Lung)

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