Sunday, April 5, 2015

Radio - Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Vassil Mester, who has been on the show twice (once with City Sweethearts and once with Absolut), passed away on Wednesday April 1st. His band mate, Travis, from Terminal Licks programmed the first hour of bands with Vassil and bands he liked. We mixed in some interview clips with Vassil talking about bands he was in and his influences. Exclaim has a memorial write up on him and there is a memorial fund you can contribute to.

RIOT99 - Destroy the City (Riot)

ABSOLUT - Tiring Planet (Electric Assault)
THE RIFFS - Kamikaze (TKO)
DISCHARGE - Why (Clay)
THE KIDS - Do you love the Nazis (Phillips)
RAMONES - Commando (Sire)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Boys with guitars (P-Trash)
THE BRIEFS - Ephedrine Blues (BYO)
THE CARBONAS - Telephone Booth (Goner)

THE EXPLODING HEARTS - Making Teenage Faces (Dirtnap)
PROTEX - Look out Johnny (Sing Sing)
THE ZEROS - Beat your heart out (Bomp)
THE BOYS - Classified Suzie (Vinyl Japan)
THE UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks (Sire)
TERMINAL LICKS - Not Today (It's Trash)
STIV BATORS - Not that way anymore (Bomp)
SCIENTISTS - Last Night (White Rider)

Teenage Head are playing their 40th anniversary show as a band on Saturday at the Phoenix. We pulled together a set of the artists making up this bill which will be backed by Sid`s Kids. We played a song from Teenage Head's performance at Heatwave becuase I was just reading a book about John Brower's experience with organizing Canada's first punk festival.

TEENAGE HEAD - Everybody's Growing Old (Live)
ARSON - Satori (CIUT)
SID'S KIDS - Shoeshine Boy (CIUT)
SID'S KIDS - Last Pogo (Screwed)

This week Canada has declared war on ISIS and will begin air strikes in Syria. Day 6 debated the declaration that this a moral war. The Sunday Edition breaks down the bigger picture of the politics of fear behind the war. These were some os the opinions I was hearing this week that lead me to program a set about war and Harper`s culture of fear. 

REALLY RED - Teaching you the fear (C.I.A.)
SOLUNSKI FRONT - Hirosima (No Profit)
WAR EMBLEM - Hard to Swallow (Narshardaa)
GOMS - Mad World (Slow Death)
IDNS - Unconscionable (CIUT)
VIOLENT END - Public Fear (Beach Impediment)
AJAX - Gunman (Katroga Works)
BLOTTER - No Country For Old Kids(Katroga Works)

This weekend is one of the holiest on the calendar with passover and easter lining up on the same weekend. Here are some contemporary critiques of religion ending with Cursed's "Guilt Parade" which is an ode to the big Good Friday parade that takes place in Little Italy. 

NOXIOUS - Sunday Fools (Rock Against Records)
IN SCHOOL - Acid Burn (Self-Released)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - Holy Tears (Self-Released)
PISS TEST - Necrophilia (It's Halal) (Johnnycat)
GROSS - There Is So Much Celebration (Self-Released)
CURSED - Guilt Parade (Deathwish)

This week's demo feature is a new band from, Newfoundland called Animal Crimes. Their recent review in MRR caught my eye enough to have me searching for this recording which has a Vacant State feel in that SSD meets DYS sort of way. We ran out of time so the last song got cut but this should give you an idea of what you are missing. 

ANIMAL CRIMES - Criminal Realm
ANIMAL CRIMES - Dearnged Mental State
ANIMAL CRIMES - Lords of the Land


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