Sunday, April 12, 2015

Radio - Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Every six months we host an on-air fundraising drive. In our training, the Station Manager thought a pass off between EXD and the Prophesy was impossible so I tried to prove him wrong with out little game of name that tune which gets played every week between us off air. But this week it was my turn because the Prophesy aren't as well versed in the finer areas of punk. So I tried with covers of Kool and the Gang and the Specials at the begining of the show to disasterous effect. Listen on....

BIG BOYS - Hollywood Swingin’ (Touch 'n Go)

SNUFF – Do Nothing (Workers Playtime)
SCREECHING WEASEL – I can see clearly (Lookout)
THE VAPIDS – You’re tearin’ me apart (Double Hell)

Every couple of weeks we record bands in our broadcast studio (known as studio 3). Candy has really been involved in the video side of recording these bands and so much work goes into those that I wanted her to come on air and tell you some of what she gets up to with these sessions. I also had her program some material from these sessions.....

TEENAGE HEAD – Disgusteen (CIUT)
VCR - Pizza Party (CIUT)

Sarde is one of the women behind the women takeover of the show and also runs out of time to play material in her sets. She came in to make up for that and tell us about some magic moments of the takeover.

SLURS – Cartoon People (Self-Released)
SOA – I Hate the Kids (Dischord)
THE FREEZE – Idiots at Happy Hour (Modern Method)
COMA – Coda (ADK)

This is the first of Rob's radio appreciation sets.

MISFITS – Static Age (Caroline)
FLESHEATERS – Radio dies screaming (Atavistic)
PROBLEM CHILDREN – On the Air (Problem Children Wreckords)
THE BANANAS – Radio Action (Recess)

Davis Brown was a co-host on the show for a few years, but has since moved back to Truro. He runs a label called Sewercide and offered out his last three releases as a prize package so we played a song from each with exception for the last release which comes from a demo.

DYSCONTROL – Lies (Sewercide)
ABJECT PAX – Abject Pax (Sewercide)
WORD ON THE STREET – H.R.M. Mayhem (Self-Released)

More appreciation for the medium from punk.

WAND – Floating Head (In the Red)
THE WIMPS – Hamburger radio (Sniff)
KILL-A-WATTS – Radio Suicide (Rip Off)
TEENGENERATE – radio 55 (Crypt)

Alex from the Sofistifucks came in to answer phones but I wanted to get his unique perspective of what it was like to have played studio 3.Fathers was supposed to come in and talk about their session but they left us hanging high and dry. I still played a song from their demo and will play their session on Sunday's show.

FATHERS – I Gotta Piss (Self-Released)
MDC – No Place to Piss (R Radical)
SCHOOL JERKS – Slums of the Future (Bad Vibrations)

More radio love

ELVIS COSTELLO – Radio Radio (Columbia)
BOW WOW WOW – Radio G String (EMI)

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