Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Skunx studio 3 session

The last studio 3 session we had a tornado touch down. Today we had two crazy rain storms. Must be something about recording punk bands in our broadcast studio that brings out the worst in the weather. 

Skunx were scheduled for the end of July, but Ian and Aldo will be away and the Delinquents want to wait til their recording is ready for release. Bennett informed me that Gio was planning on moving back home and that the Skunx were probably going to disband and that this was going to happen next month so we really wanted to get them into the studio. They agreed to fill in at the last minute. 

Israel was the first one at Hart House. He is really into rockabilly and he told me about how he had a rockabilly band that Gio played in. In exchange Gio played bass in Skunx. It's a symbiotic relationship. 

The session started late because Bennett had to get everything from the rehearsal space to the station which is the basement of Israel's girlfriend's rockabilly clothing shop. It's a pretty rad shop. We checked it out after the interview. Our time was also eaten up by trying to sift through the equipment thrown into the room after the rush to get the remote broadcast equipment into the equipment studio. Ian was able to find some effects and compressors, which was what Gio was looking for to get an echo effect on his vocals. By the time we had the sound we had to rip through a set which included the following songs:

1. Dose Brutal (which is a cover by a band of the same name)
2. Destiny
3. Law and Order
4. Chaos
5. Public Disgrace
6. No Future 
7. Youth
8. Terrorist Attack
9. Delincuente Adolescente
10. Riot

I also got them to do some IDs

1. Riot ID
2. Youth ID 
3. No Future ID

We interviewed the band about their releases and shows and the songs recorded tonight. 

Aldo of Punks and Rockers filmed the session with a bum leg. 

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