Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Unbelievers studio 3 session

I have spent the last few days doing all sorts of research on this little known band from here called Unbelievers. They have five recording, but the recent one that came out last year is the one I am most familiar with. Initially, Unbelievers were a band that reminded me of X-Ray Spex and Vice Squad. I ran into Keiran the bass player while looking for everybody before the session and he was telling me that not too long ago he was rehearsing with Vice Squad. Just a weird coincidence. Keiran has been playing for the Unbelievers for the past six months but even newer to the line up is Johnny, the drummer. This band is Jenn’s vision and she has worked with members of Screeching Weasel and the Queers on their first recording. She has even joined the Queers on stage for a version of “Punk Rock Girls?. In the interview we talked about bands like Josie Cotton, the Muffs, and the Ramones as inspirations. In studio 3 I was reminded of the singing style of the Bayonettes and Zoe’s love for the Avengers.
Daihbid James had interviewed Jenn Unbe on Moondog Ballroom before and it being a Tuesday night Daihbid was at the station when the band arrived. They got to play catch up while we got to setting up.

As the band warmed up and went through the set we started getting takes of the song that the band were not entirely happy with. The set featured songs from the latest release which included:

1. Real Slow Hand
2. I Don’t Like You
3. Hangover Song
4. Puppy Lovin’
5. Apathy
6. In the Crowd
7. Wedding Song
8. Wish I was that Girl
9. Cuz I’m a Creep

There was also some new unreleased material which included:

1. Sumo Tsunami
2. Wasted Youth
3. Home

After 34 takes we finally had everything recorded and we had run out of time. Then we made Jenn recorded some IDs for the station and the show. These are what we came up with…

1. Cuz I’m a Creep CIUT ID
2. Wedding Song CIUT ID
3. Wedding Song lyrics CIUT ID
4. 21 CIUT ID
5. Real Slow Hand EXD ID

Remarks about how hard Johnny hits those drums were going back and forth which is a common description, but the proof was in the pudding. After the session the interview studio was covered in drum stick pieces and shredded wood bits that looked like a wood chipper had been at work earlier.

This session was videotaped by Aldo from Punks ‘n Rockers. Here is a medley of a few songs from the session.

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