Sunday, April 13, 2014

Radio - Sunday, April 13th, 2014

CIUT's transmitter stopped working last week. We have been operating off a temporary transmitter. The funding drive is all about raising twice as much money so that we can buy a new transmitter and have it installed. The theme for the campaign continues with "Sound of the City" but I reinterpreted it to be "Sound in our city" so that we could focus on some of the upcoming shows coming to town one of whic is the Stage Bottles next Saturday. This anti-fascist oi band has a great song called "Work Together" that rallies people together for a common cause and right now that is with getting CIUT back on air. You can donate by going to

STAGE BOTTLES - Work Together (Insurgence)

Ewan at Embrace Productions programmed a punk show with us when we were back at CHRY. He knows the important roles that campus community radio plays. He also knows the challenges of fundraising and has offered up five pair of tickets for the Reagan Youth / Dayglos show on May 16th of the Upstarts show on May 31st. We still have some tickets to give away for this so if you make a donation to CIUT and want a pair of tickets to one of these two shows send me an e-mail at

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Kids On The Street (Dojo)
REAGAN YOUTH - usa (New Red Archives)

DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Kill the Hosers / Religious Bumfucks (Fringe)

Lots of people have helped out with this current drive. Alex, the drummer from the Sofistifucks, and his friend Nick came in last night to helop answer phones and come in on-air with updates on the phone room activity. We played something new from the Sofistifucks.

THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Memento Mori (Self-Released)
THE BUREAUCRATS - Grown Up Age (Ugly Pop)

Aldo from Punks and Rockers films all of the studio 3 sessions. He also edits them together and has started putting together limited edition DVDs of these sessions. For this drive he has put together a 2012 DVD which features footage of Pick Your Side, Hassler, Direct Approach, The Groggies, Careers In Science, TV Freaks, Wrong Generation, Born Wrong, Demolition, Violent Future, Kremlin, Suicide Dates, and Sids Kids which had Chris Hate from the Viletones, Mickey Skin from the Curse, Barrie Farrel from the Existers, Zero from ZRo4, and Fergus Hamilton from the Basics. He also created a 2013 DVD with footage from Abyss, Valley Boys, Anti-Vibes, Wastoids, Snake Charmer, Sluts On 45, Dead Mouth, Smooth Brain, Purity Control, Absolut, and S.H.I.T. if you make a $25 donation to CIUT you can have one of these or both for $50. E-mail me at with your name and address once you have made a donation. Then we played some bands on those DVDs. 

BORN WRONG - Destroying The Family (Schizoprhenic)
S.H.I.T. - Mind Fuck (Self-Released)
NERVOUS TALK - Introductions (Mammoth Cave)

Greg Dick, a long time advocate of the show, donated to our show and to Real Cool Time radio and we pointed out that you could ledge to more than one show as a way of demonstrating support for more than one show. This drive is fundamentally different in that we are raising money together to pay for a transmitter. We are all in this dire senario of having a compromised transmission until we can get that fixed. Help us be heard by donating at

CAREER SUICIDE - Brought to the Brink (Deranged)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR - Litty oh Litty (Red Lounge)

CIUT is one of few independent voices left on air. Many media outlets have found themselves muzzled or compromised with what they can say about the lawyer. We express the frustration of what it is like to a Mayor that can't make it in to work most days creating dysfunction from the top down. Ugly Pop is throwing a This ain't the Ford fest with this song by Shit From Hell being released. Support independent voices on the radio.

SHIT FROM HELL - Mayor on Crack (Ugly Pop)
STIV BATORS DEAD BOYS - Son of Sam (Ugly Pop)

TV FREAKS played a benefit show organzied by the Suicide Dates  a few drives back. They have a new album. The show has the unique ability to record bands live in a Peel Sessions like setting. Please support these cool forms of documentation of the local scene by giving to CIUT so we can broadcast again.

TV FREAKS - Phone / Salvation (Schizophrenic)
VALLEY BOYS - Feel Like Shit (Self-Released)
VCR - One Trick Dog (CIUT)

The federal government has gutted the Ministry of Environment to bury the evidence of climate change. Meanwhile punk tells the story on things like air quality. Recently the feds have cut funding to the CBC as a way of getting rid of more adverse coverage of their resource extration policies. Stay informed by keeping CIUT on the air.

NO PROBLEM - Suffocate City (Deranged)
SNAKEPIT - Hogtown Blues (Self-Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Toxic City (Slasher)

AVERAGE TIMES - Kraken (Hosehead / P Trash)

LIME SPIDERS - Slave Girl (Citadel)
KING KHAN AND THE BBQ SHOW - Tastebuds (In the Red)

THE FIRST STEPS - Airplay (English Gose)
THE DIODES - Tired of Waking Up tired (CBS)

Each week we feature a demo on the show. Kremlin's last demo and Snob from Vancouver were two great examples to be featured on the show. Keep this ear to the ground programming on the FM band by donating at Our show is over but the drive for a transmitter continues.

KREMLIN - Sun Never Sets (Self-Released)
SNOB - Nature (Self-Released)

ADOLESCENTS - Amoeba (Frontier)

Thank you so far to Ed at FTFC clothing, Jamie from the Rezentments / Artificial Dissemination, Chris, Dave, Lisa, Rubber Factory Records, Greg, Nicole, Amon, Yuki, Daragh, Aldo, and Leah for donating so far.

For any band making a donation of $25 or more Noxious Art has offered t do a design for a flyer. We have put up some artwork of his in the past. Find the tag on the right hand side to filter his artwok for an idea of his style.

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