Sunday, November 3, 2013

Radio - Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Dave Quinton is arguably the best punk drummer in the city. There was a reason why Stiv Bators poached him for the Dead Boys. Well the Mods are playing their last show this coming Saturday. Long lost founder of this show, Simon Harvey, interviewed Dave Quinton about his time in the Mods and his time in the Dead Boys that produced these two new singles on Ugly Pop.

You can download the show here and this is the playlist for tonight's show.
THE MODS - The Other Side (Live) (Other Peoples Music)
Interview with Dave Quinton (CIUT)
ARSON - Love on a leash (Glamatron)
THE MODS - Step Out Tonight (Self-Released)
Interview with Dave Quinton (CIUT)
DAVE QUINTON - Make Up Your Mind (Ugly Pop)
STIV BATORS' DEAD BOYS - All this and More (Ugly Pop)
Interview with Dave Quinton (CIUT)
STIV BATORS' DEAD BOYS - Son of Sam (Ugly Pop)
THE MODS - You Use Me (Self-Released)

We also did a best of September segment which looks like this.

DISPOSE – Wargame Fairytales / Incarcerated / Cleansing (Shogun)
SLAG – S.L.A.G. (Self-Released)
BASEMENT BOYS - The Agenda (Self-Released)
USELESS CUNTS - Uhrit (Self-Released)
XCONNOISSEURX – High Til I Die (Self-Released)
GAS RAG – Final Peace / The End (Beach Impediment / Even Worse)
ALTERED BOYS – Choosing Sides (Self-Released)
THINK AGAIN – Life with opening the Cloudy Eyes (R.I. / Way Back When)
DNA – Reality in Society (Kangaroo / Way Back When)
REPROACH – Old Hag / Kampa / '92 (Spastic Fantastic / Way Back When)

DIEHARD - O.C. Love (Self-Released)
GAG – Warm Milk (Warthog Speak)
APPARATUS – When the Rotten corpse turns into fuckin' scapegoat (Shogun)
ANTI-CIMEX - War Machine (Nada Nada / Spicoli)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA – Grinderi (Nightstick Justice)

And we featured Bloody Mummers from New Orleans in our demo feature. You can download the demo at
BLOODY MUMMERS - The Fool Who Thought He Was King (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Rune (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Illusion (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Rune Void (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - The Hammer (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Cauldron of the Insufferable (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Moral Graffitti (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - My Home, My Tomb (Self-Released)
BLOODY MUMMERS - Diaphons Shit (Self-Released)

Then D'Arcy showed up to save the day with an oi inpisred set believe it or not. He blames this in repeated listens to Hard Skin throughout the week.

PUNCTURE - Mucky Pup (Small Wonder)
WILD YOUTH - Wot Alon and Me (Self-Released)
STARSHOOTER - Pin Up Blonde (Active Marcant)
GASOLINE - Killer Man (Egg)
EPPU NORMALI - Polissi Pamputtan Taas (Pako)
THE BOYS - I Don't Care (NEMS)

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