Sunday, November 24, 2013

Radio - Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Above is tonight's radio show. All three hosts were in. We started out with a set of new Hamilton recordings. That was followed by a re-issues set. Tonight's show is packed with music. Listen on the player above or download an MP3 file of the show.

NERVOUS TALK - Shut It Off (Mammoth Cave)

TV FREAKS - Think (Schizophrenic)
NOTHING HELPER - Tired of Being Poor (Schizophrenic)
BORN WRONG - Destroying the Family / True Patriotic Love (Schizophrenic)
DEBT'D - Nurget (Schizophrenic)
SNAKE CHARMER - Severed Foot (Schizophrenic)

THE FEATURES - Floozie of the Neighbourhood (Last Laugh / Paradox)
THE BUSINESS - Harry May (Ugly Pop)
COCKNEY REJECTS - I wanna be a star (Ugly Pop)
SUBWAY SECT -Nobody's Scared (Braik)
THE #1's - Sharon Shouldn't (Alien Snatch / Sorry State)

BAD SKIN - Scabs (Bad Vibrations)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Factory of Sadness (Self-Released)
AVON LADIES - Quality Programming (Katorga Works)
MAJOR DAMAGE - Evil Inside (Even Worse / Way Back When)
STOIC VIOLENCE - What I See (Katorga Works)

WHITE WASH - Solutions (kill someone you hate)
GREENBACK HIGH - Bombs away (Self-Released)
BLITZ - 45Revolutions (Ugly Pop)
POW WOWS - Killing Me (Get Hip)
ATTENTION - When Life hands you lemmings (Square Up)

MI AMORE - White jesus (Cyclops)
SLANG - Wolrd of Lunacy (Straight Up)
ASIDE - Police Brutality (San Jam)
CONFLICT - Mighty and Superior (Mortarhate)
CALIFORNIA LOVE - Chariots of the Sects (Calilove)
BEAR TRAP - Damaged Kids (To live a lie)
EASTER KIDS - Knee Deep in Concrete (Self-Released)
BAN RAN - Toady (Way Back When)

LIMP WRIST - Want Us Dead (Cheap Art / Lengua Armada)
OMEGAS - Excessive Force (Hardware)
WASTOIDS - I'm A Prick (Deranged)
NO TOLERANCE - Can't Help You (Youngblood)
TOTAL TRASH - The Last Man (Deranged)

KNOW THE SCORE - Ex-members of I don't give a fuck (Euology)
NO MAN'S SLAVE - Prescription Drugs (Give Praise)
RIVERS RUN DRY - Failure Success (Dzsukhell)
SUICIDE PRIDE - Azuts (Shit)

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT - Red Lights, Tin Roofs (New Disorder)
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Back to Basics (Draw Blank / Deep Six)
STRESS RELIEF - My Edge (Mind Melt Enterprise)
NO MISTAKE - Copied, Folded & Stapled (Self-Released)
INFEST - Days Turn Black (Deep Six)
WAKE - Ambitions (Give Praise)

LIE STILL - Enslaved and left to die (Self-Released)
GET RAD - Smart Attack (Hyperrealist)
THE VOIDS - Enough (Dr. Strange)
THE GAS - Second Skin (Broken)
RAD - Never turn your back on a mosh (Sacramento)

Tonight's demo feature is a ne wband from Hamilton. D'Arcy saw them at a slamfest and has talked about them non stop. You can download this demo at their bandcamp page.

BURN VICTIM - False Entitlement (Self-Released)
BURN VICTIM - xXTuffGuyXx (Self-Released)
BURN VICTIM - Existential Crisis (Self-Released)
BURN VICTIM - I can't be with you because I'm not an elitist prick (Self-Released)

HAYMAKER - Memories of Tomorrow (Schizophrenic)

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