Sunday, October 20, 2013

Radio - Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Tonight's show featured Colin Brunton and Kire Paputts who are about to theatrically release their new film "The Last Pogo Jumps Again". The new film fills in the back story to the original film, The Last Pogo and tells in a more a comprehensive manner some of the stories stories of the early Toronto punk scene. Treat Me Like Dirt should be required reading before seeing this film, but you will still get a lot out of the film. The film will be screening at Toronto's oldest cinema, the Big Picture (1035 Gerard Street), on Friday November 1st for a week. Colin and Kire re-live the experience of putting the film together and tell us some of the stories behind this labour of love. Upon seeing the film in the theatre my reaction was this is a complete telling of the Toronto punk scene, this is an accurate telling as it captures some of the hard stories to tell and damn is there a lot of great music from this city. You should see it and you can hear the interview above or download an MP3 file here.

DEMICS - New York City (Ready)
Interview with Colin Brunton and Kire Paputts (CIUT)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - In Love with the System (Star)
Interview with Colin Brunton and Kire Paputts (CIUT)
THE DIODES - China Doll (CBS)
Interview with Colin Brunton and Kire Paputts (CIUT)
TEENAGE HEAD - Tearin' me Apart (Self-Released)

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