Sunday, October 13, 2013

Radio - Sunday, October 13th, 2013

This is the MP3 file for Equalizing-X-Distort on Sunday, October 13th, 2013. SNFU had just played town so we started with a Damned cover they do on their new CD. The show has a mix of new and old with some bands from some off the beaten path locales like Siberia and Estonia. We also feature the demo by Dead Mouth. You can listen to the show on the player above or download the file from here.

SNFU - New Rose (Cruzar)

BLOOD RED - Till Duet do us part (Braddock Factory)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - Because I Hate You (Self-Released)
FERAL FUTURE - Bastard (Western Medical)
BUMPIN' TACOS - Don't No Me (Self-Released)

BORN WRONG - Loujack Cafe (Schizophrenic)
ABSURDO - Espacio Vital (Dicos Absurds)
BATTLESCARD - Speed Chaos (Black Konflikt) - Malaysia
EYES OF CROW - Insomnia (Self-Released) - Obscure Eyes of D-Beat demo - MP3
PROJECT DEKADENZ - Under the Sword (Self-Released)

METHODIST CENTRE - Thumb in Bum and Mind in Neutral (Invisible Spies)
AMOUR – Kokoro no kaihou (MCR Company)
BIG EYES – Ain’t Nothing But the Truth (Grave Mistake)
BILL BONDSMEN – Dead (Self-Released)
STRONG AS TEN – My Life (Shogun)
DISSENSION - Damascus (Bad Idea)
ACOUSMA - Ancient Transcripts (Self-Released)
IRON LUNG – Brutal Supremacy III (Prank)
NIGHTFALL - World Ablaze (Shogun)

SOKEA PISTE - Umiykuja (Peter Walkee)
PMA - S.O.S. (Self-Released)
HERODISHONEST - Sumoi tarvitsee peloittavan armeijan (Peter Walkee)
BARGE - Time to Learn (Grave Mistake)
WAKE UP DEAD - Scene Through (Self-Released)

CLOWN - Unfair Equality (MCR Co)
THE BRISTLES - Gulag (Heptown)
RANDOM CONFLICT - Faux Malady (No Profit)
COPSICKLE - Last Friday Night (Self-Released)

MALLWALKERS - Funk Police (Peter Walkee)
BIG BOYS - We Got Soul (Gern Blandsten)
BEEFEATER - Trash Funk (Dischord)
NATION OF ULYSSES - Presidents of Vice (Dischord)

DEAD MOUTH - Hipster Been Years and Years (Self-Released)
DEAD MOUTH - Pull the Plug (Self-Released)
DEAD MOUTH - Why should I care (Self-Released)

THE MARVIN GAYS - Gotta Go (Frantic City)
THE SPACESHITS - Turn off the Radio (Sultan)
THE GOCNEG - Telepathic (Crypt)
THE DIRTBOMBS - I'll be in Trouble (In the Red)
REPLACEMENTS - I'm in Trouble (Twin Tone)
REATARDS - Listen to my heart (Empty)

VON DERBSTER - Kill the Pigs (Komerschen)
SPAZZ - Crush Kill Destroy (625 Productions)
MISGUIDED - You Bore Me (Reality)
MALIGNUS THOUGHTS - In these thoughts (Youth Inc)
NEGATIVE ELEMENT - National Socialism (Akashic)
THE MAIDS - Book to Bataan (Killed by Death)
LOGICAL NONSENSE - Heads (Alternative Tentacles)
SIN 34 - Who Needs them (Spinhead)
VIOLENT CHILDREN - Violent Children (Big City)
OVERKILL - Burn the sebast (SST)

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