Sunday, September 15, 2013

Radio - Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Tonight's show is lots of new releases. You can hear the show using the player above or you can download the MP3 of the show.

BISHOPS GREEN – Blinded (Self-Released)

KICKS – The Return of Action Men (540)
GEHENNA – Bite It (A389)
WEEKEND NACHOS – Watch you suffer (A389)
CRACKS AND SCARS – Just time (Steel Town)
SABERTOOTH – Morning Breath (Debt Offensive)
AVON LADIES - Combat Sharman (Distort)
PURITY CONTROL – Mock Suicide (Self-Released)

DNA - Thrill seeker (Way Back When / Kangaroo)
HOLIER THAN THOU - The Quick and the Dead (Six Weeks)
CRYSTAL MESS - The world's a fucking write off (Daylight Savings)
HASSLER - Train Wreck (Beach Impediment Records)
DFA - Hockey Hair (Unrest)
REVENGE - Under Attack (Self-Released)
PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER - Dissolution of Rights, Part 4 (Six Weeks)

NO MISTAKE - Crossed Words (Refuse)
VACCINE – When Will we Learn (Refuse)
BORN WRONG - Wage Slave (Schizophrenic)
RAD – Corporate Drugs / Banned in Citrus Heights (Phono Select / Sacramento)
BLOOD RED – Your Torment (Voice of a Generation)
MASSACRE DIVINE – Esta Maldita Rotina (Blindead Productions)
DESADIST AU GO GO – Shit for Brains (Schizophrenic)
THE NEW ENEMY - House of Cards (Self-Released)

KLAXON - Solo Una Guerra (Sydney Town)
CAMERA SILENS - Camera Silens (Sydney Town)
HELTA SKELTA - Suedehead (HSR)
HARD SKIN - The kids are Innocent (JT Classics)
NOMEANSNO - Beat on the Brat (Alternative Tentacles)
MOLTEN LAVA - Thanks Pati (Shredded Wheat)

NIGHT BIRDS - Born to Die in Suburbia (Grave Mistake)
CITIZENS PATROL - Screw me Over (Way Back When / Kangaroo)
STRONG AS TEN - Is this Reality? Is this Me? (Shogun)
REPROACH - '92 (Way Back When / Kangaroo)
CONTAMINATE - No End in Sight (Harvest King)
BARGE - Where's the Violence (Grave Mistake)
IRON LUNG - (sic) (Prank)

SADIST - Sex Doll (MCR Company)
S.H.I.T. - Bondage (Self-Released)
YDINASEETON POHJOLA - Kuka Omistaa (Who Owns) (Nightstick Justice)
KREMLIN - Old Man (Bad Vibrations)
DISPOSE - Neutral (Shogun)
NIGHTFALL - Crematorium (Shogun)
TOTALICKERS - Una grana mierda (Shogun)
DEVIL'S HANDS - World Gone to Shit (Grave Mistake)
MAHRIA - Sleep (Self-Released)

BIG EYES - Can't Catch a Break (Grave Mistake)
DYSCONTROL - Calling Back (Sewercide)

Demo Feature
LIFE CHAIN - Uniformed Cowards (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Troubled Youth (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Sad Land (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Mind Pollution (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Nightmares (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Out Of Sight (Self-Released)
LIFE CHAIN - Conquest (Disclose) (Self-Released)

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