Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sluts on 45 studio 3 session

It was a training day for sure. Marie came by from a co-op down in Riverdale to witness a session in action. Candy was down to figure out how to handle the video gear when Aldo is away for the next session. Thankfully she brought her camera with her because these are all her shots. I knew Shawna from the Arson session, but I didn't realize that I had also seen her play in Spotty Botty way back when. Sue Brazen, also known as "Powerpipes"for her ability to sing without a microphone had played in previous bands and her siging style reminds me a lot of Dan from the Black Donnellys. Kreag Deezkust used to play in a band with Shawna and has been a fixture in this band for a while now. And Matt Frazer answered a Craigslist ad for a drummer and got the spot when he answered correctly to the question "Are you a slut?" They refer to Matt as "Sticks". Matt is a long time listener to CIUT and Mods n Rockers in particular. Maybe he will start listening to this show.

Anyway to complicate things we were also expecting Ruidosa Inmundicia to come down and record some songs if they could make it away from their gig at Parts and Labour. Luckily that didn`t happen because we wound up being pressed for time. Unfortunately it didn`t happen because how many times do you get to record a band from Austria with a singer from Chile. Jonathon Hawkes was our sound engineer after doing a day of audio work already. He was pretty knackered, but that didn`t seem to affect the sound. The session got started late but we were able to record everything and finish on time.
We recorded the following songs:

11. Problem
12. Bored (The Troggs)
We also recorded a bunch of IDs but you have to listen to the show to hear those, which is found on the next radio show post.
The band has an 'ep' which is really a digital download of a recording called "Steeped in Semen`` up at their bandcamp page.
Aldo and Candy videotaped the set for Punks and Rockers which will be posted up here in a couple of months. Check back.

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