Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Anti-Vibes studio 3 session

Tonight was a pretty eye opening session with a new local band that took me by
surprise. The band features Claire Whaatever on vocals, Sean Kennedy on guitar, Cam Hulbert on bass, and Clay Wilson on drums. The band embodies a pre-Damaged era Black Flag evidenced by a cover in the below set. They also employ some free spirit noise in the vein of Rudimentary Peni. The sum results in a heavy and punishing punk beat that backs unique twists on some traditional punk themes. Recorded by Jonathon Hawkes, this session includes the following songs:

1. Laughter House
2. Souled Out
3. Growth Hormone
4. War, On Drugs
5. Sex Doll
6. Tele-Evangelist
7. Amateur Eye Surgery
8. Marky Mark
9. Agent Cooper
10. Slaughter Track
11. Fix Me (Black Flag)
13. CIUT ID 2
14. CIUT ID 3
15. EXD ID

We are honoured to be the first to record Anti-Vibes and you can download the session at bandcamp.

There is also some video which was filmed and editted by Aldo of Punks and Rockers.

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