Monday, May 20, 2013

Radio - Sunday, May 19th, 2013

This is Equalizing-X-Distort the day before the Victoria Day holiday. Sadly no Queen or monarchy related sets. But you can hear the show using the player above or download an MP3 file of the show.

BAD BRAINS - Come Down (Megaforce)

HARD SKIN - That's Bollocks Mate (JT Classics)
NAPALM HEARTS - All this and more (Helta Skelta)
DEAD BOYS - Ain't Nothing to do (Sire)
B GIRLS - Angel Doesn't Shoot a Gun (Other Peoples Music)
X-RAY SPEX - I am a cliche (EMI)
THE BAYONETTES - Guilty Pleasure (Self-Released)

There are a number of great bands playing Toronto in the next little while and here are a few.
THE STRANGLERS - London Lady (United Artists)
THE ADOLESCENTS - Losing Battle (Weird System)
GENETIC CONTROL - the Vigilante (Unreleased)
THE NEW ENEMY - The Culling Season (Self-Released)
INTEGRITY - Hollow (Victory)
STAB - Stab Nation Rising (Self-Released)

AVON LADIES - Hy-Brasil (Distort / Fashionable Idiots)
PORKERIA - Perdidos (Disco Adelante)
RIFLE DIET - The Affected (Profane Existence)
NO STATIK - No Hospice (Prank)

RF7 - Fortunate Son (Smoke 7)
THE PATRIOTS - Cavity (Mystic)
THE LEWD - Suburban Prodigy (ICI Sanoblast)
NECROS - Bad Dream (Touch 'n Go)
NEW BRIGADE - Lost Cause (Self-Released)
THE OUTPATIENTS - G.D.D. (Toxic Shock)
WURM - I'm Dead (SST)
SUPER HEROINES - Embalmed Love
MIDDLE CLASS - Insurgence (Velvetone)

PROFAN RELIK - Enasm Kvar (Self-Released)
THE KNOTS - Action (Ideal)
ROSES ARE RED - I Can't Understand (Posthumous Petal)
THE ADVERTS - One Chord Wonders (Bitter fruit)
THE JAM - In the city (Polydor)
ZOUNDS - Can't Cheat Karma (CRASS)

The demo feature is a new band from Montreal featuring members of TRUNCHEONS and INEPSY. The vocals have that Lemmy feel to them but the guitar work reminds me of the ringing guitar work found in INFA RIOT and UNRULED. This demo was recorded last summer and you can download it at
PROXY - Police Car Goin Home (Self-Released)
PROXY - Lawless (Self-Released)
PROXY - Pox (Self-Released)
PROXY - Shackled to a Corpse (Self-Released)
PROXY - Skeleton's Eyes (Self-Released)
PROXY - Wasted Days (Self-Released)
PROXY - Finish Last (Self-Released)
PROXY - Where do we go (Self-Released)
PROXY - Downtown Drunk Tank (Self-Released)
PROXY - Outro (Self-Released)

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