Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wastoids studio 3 session

This was our second attempt at recording the Wastoids. This sesion has been at least six months in the planning stages and after the last botched effort I was beginning to believe that it wasn't going to happen. Julian, is back from his schooling at the Omega house in Montreal and our first attempt was trying to squeeze somethng in on reading week where we were able to get an interview together. This session saw us record the following songs:

1. Wastoid Cru
2. My Toronto
3. M.C.A.B.
4. Hoop Dreams
5. Moon People
6. Fortunate Son (Credence Clearwater Revival)
7. Fuck You, Give me a Beer, I'm here to Party
8. Red Meat
9. I'm a Prick
10. Brown Sugar, Brown Liquor
11. Shaved for Battle (Stars and Stripes)
12. Fuck '82

14. CIUT Ode to Dad Rock ID
15. EXD ID
16. Interview, part 1 - This was recorded on Tuesday February 19th when we couldn;t record the original studio 3 session

17. Interview, part 2 - This was recorded on Tuesday April 30th where we caught up on their new recording, their record coming out on Deranged and the show they have coming up with Australia's Vaginers.

To give you some background on the Wastoids, they are essentially from Etobicoke. Matt and Campbell play in Direct Approach. Conor played in Snakepit and plays currently in Spearhead. Wastoids is Julian's only band and he is very enthusiastic which comes across in the interview. The band has told me that the have re thought doing the Screwdriver cover which is great news. They did perform a cover of Choke's oi band Stars and Stripes and they also did an ode to "dad rock" doing a great version of CCR. I think they improved it. You can hear other recorded material at Wastoid's bandcamp site.

And you can see a medley of songs put together by Aldo Erdic of Punks and Rockers below.

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