Wednesday, January 23, 2013

S.H.I.T. Studio 3 session

Winter returned on this night. We were recording this session after a snowstorm so wheeling an amp through snow becomes a thankless task. I had been looking forward to this session for sometime. The six song demo is incredible and I just saw them live opening up for Left for Dead. The singer Ryan sings with a delayed echo that gives a G.I.S.M. meets TERVEET KADET feel. Our sound engineer, Jon Hawkes was able to replicate that effect. This is matched by the sonic dissonance created by Greg's guitar. He does an amazing job of channeling early Gang of Four and Gloom in terms of the noise irritation. Brandon plays in a power violence band called Purity Control and he emphasizes parts of songs with movements to take you through it. And Jose, the singer turned drummer pounds out a primal beat that drives this whole ship. I got them to warm up with some covers to kill time so we are treated to a Couple of Bad Brains songs that the band learned for their Hallowe'en show. And the threw in "A Look at Tomorrow" for good measure. Here are the songs....

1. Pay to Cum
2. Regulator
3. A Look at Tomorrow
4. Mind Fuck / New Song #1
6. Human Kindness

7. Muscle Mag
8. New Song #2
9. Bondage
10. Bendy
11. New Song #3
12. Feeding Time
13. Eraser
14. New Song #4
15. EXD ID

17. Interview

Here is a video of a couple of songs shot by Aldo Erdic of Punks n Rockers. The songs found in this clip are "Mind Fuck", two new songs, "Erasure" and "New Fast" song.

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