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Radio - Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Down in Baltimore next weekend there is a a389 Records Anniversary bash that LEFT FOR DEAD are playing. There is all this talk of a warm up show taking place somewhere in the city on Wednesday or Thursday so keep your ear to the ground. So we started out the show with a set that showcases bands at that fest. There is also a tribute to the film on the Boston scene called "All Ages". And the demo feature is a new local band called Valley Boys. Click the player above or download the MP3 file here.

LEFT FOR DEAD - Who d'you know? (No Idea)

a389 fest
INTEGRITY - No One (Victory)
VILIPEND - The last stand of the Hopeless Romantic (a389)
GEHENNA - Swarm (a389)
WEEKEND NACHOS - The fine art of bullshit (Deep Six)
SICK FIX - The Toll (a389)
DESPISE YOU - Tired of Trying (Theologian)
LACK OF INTEREST - What's Wrong (Slap-a-Ham)
PICK YOUR SIDE - This is not a Test (Regurgitated Semen)

THE FIX - Cos the Elite (Touch and Go)
EXECUTE - Japanese song title
ROCK 'N ROLL BITCHES - Broad Daylight (Ugly Pop)
TEENAGE HEAD -Little Boxes (IGM)
DEMICS - I wanna know (ready)
TESTORS -Time is mie (Windi-an)

BLOTTER - All dogs go to war (Self-Released)
BLOODKROW BUTCHER - Anti-You (Self-Released)
SELF ABUSE - Senseless Violence (Self-Released)
DIRTY WORK - Dirty Air (Self-Released)
PISSHEADS - Kill Hippie System (Self-Released)
SWINGBACK - On my way out (Self-Released)

CONDITION - Smouldering Wreckage (Man Decisive)
EFFLUXS - Final Injustice (Rust and Machine)
VITAMIN X - Burn em down (Havoc)
ASILE - Choisie demourir (Rust and Machine)

ESKOBURTO - Maldito Pais (Munster)
SCHOOL JERKS - Outcast (Grave Mistake / Bad Vibrations)
NERVOSAS - Incinerator (Meth Mouth)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Triumph of the Swill (Alternative Tentacles)

PAGANS - Don't leave me alone (Crypyt)
MINUTEMEN - Sell or be sold (SST)
GORILLA ANGREB - DeKommer ud om natten (Kick 'n Punch)
DICKS - Young Boys Feet (Alternative tentacles)
REAGAN YOUTH - New Aryans (New Red Archives)
GASRAG - Chernobyl (Self-Released)

KONTRA ATTAQUE - Respeto (Self-Released)
GUILTY BYSTANDERS - Hardcore Alphabet / It's Okay with my mom (Self-Released)
TRAGETELO - Tragelelo (Lengua Armada)

Tribute to All Ages
THE FREEZE - Boston not L.A. (Modern Method)
DYS - More than Fashion (X-Claim)
SSD - The Kids will have their say (X-Claim)
JERRY'S KIDS - I Don't Belong (Taang)
THE F.U.s - Green Beret (Lost and Found)
GANG GREEN - Have some Fun (Modern Method)
LAST RITES - Wasted Time (Taang)
ANTIDOTE - Something Must be Done (Hellbent)

JIMMY VAPID - Superman-Garbageman / Big in Toronto / Dollar Store Microphones (Surfin' Ki)
THE CAPITALIST KIDS - We are each ultimately along in the universe (Toxic pop)
TRANZMITORS - Concrete Deprtession (La Ti Da)

Demo Feature
VALLEY BOYS - Modern World (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Eyes on Fire (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Feeding Time (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Feel like shit (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Pills (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Rich Kids (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Side Effects (Self-Released)
VALLEY BOYS - Auto Pilot (Self-Released)

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