Monday, October 29, 2012

Radio - Sunday, October 28, 2012

This program started out with a set of Hallowe'en songs written or performed by Canadian hardcore bands. That was followed up by a set up power violence and noise rock inspired bands which included the new Column of Heaven LP and the Veuve SS 12". We followed that up with a set of bands featuring women in the line up and included Sick Fix from Baltimore, and Criaturas among others. The next set featured a rare Polish band called Abaddon and a request from last week for Personality Crisis. We did a Black Flag inspired set with the new School Jerks and new Off! because they were in town last week. We finished up with a get up and go set that featured this incredible Japanese hardcore band named Think Again, after the Minor Threat song. Tonight's demo feature was a new Toronto group called Spearhead which features members of Total Trash, Snakepit, and Foxmoulder. Here is the playlist and you can also download the show.

TEENAGE HEAD - Disgusteen (Attic)

SNFU - Cannibal Cafe (BYO)
STRETCH MNARKS - Bad Moon (Headbutt)
BLACK DONNELLYS - Freddie's Revenge (Audio Fellatio)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Hallowe'en Party (Sell-Out Activities)
THE SWARM - November First (No Idea)

COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Buried Secrets / Barghest Jugend (SPHC)
EYEHATEGOD - New Orleans is the New Vietnam (A389)
BURNING LOVE - Tremors (Southern Lord)
DISABILITY - Tooth (Self-Released)
VEUVE SS - Discipline (Self-Released)
MAKABERT FYND - Ett Kok Stryk (Sorry State)

SICK FIX - The Toll (A389)
CRIATURAS - Los Elijidos (Lengua Armada)
RAD - Geekonomics/ So say we all
THE TANGLED LINES - Battle (Refuse)
THE WARD - the New Dykes (Self-Released)
UTAH JAZZ - Contact Low (Feral Kid)
RACKULA - G20 (Schizophrenic)

ABADDON - Rewolucja (Warsaw Pact)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - The Advocate (Workers Co-operative)
DOA - Bring out your dead (Sudden Death)
UNRULED - Screams of Fear (Schizophrenic)
BOOK OF BLACK EARTH - Road dogs from hell / See demons (Inimical)

GOVERNMENT FLU - Role Model (Refuse)
SCHOOL JERKS - Crux (Bad Vibrations / Grave Mistake)
BLACK FLAG - I've Heard it before (SST)
OFF! - I got news for you (Vice)
NOOSE - Lex Talionis (React)
THE FORUM - Mercy for Now (Harsh Pizza)

BRAIN KILLER - Re-educated / Trying to remember (Vinyl Rites)
JOINT DAMAGE - Poison II / Damp (Sorry State)
THINK AGAIN - My War (Even Worse / Way Back When)
CITIZENS PATROL - Sick (Way Back When / Too Circle / Spastic Fantastic)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Sleep (Way Back When)

Demo Feature
SPEARHEAD - Contra (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - More World Wars (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - Pet Shop (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - Sword and Sorcery (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - Gas the Dancefloors (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - A Raid (Self-Released)
IN SCHOOL - Acid Burn (Self-Released)
IN SCHOOL - Apocryphal Scum (Self-Released)
IN SCHOOL - Knocked Out (Self-Released)

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