Monday, October 22, 2012

Radio - Sunday October 21st, 2012

This program was our part of CIUT's Fall 2012 fundraising drive. Thanks to everyone who donated their time, money and gift incentives to the show. We didn't meet our goal and we still do have a few things to giveaway like the Not Dead yet pass for a $100 donation. You can make the donation at E-mail me once you have made the donation or before hand to find out about their availability. We also have a Studio 3 DVD put together by Aldo Erdic for $50 donations. Once again contact me. The e-mail address is

Ryan and Matt from Wrong Generation joined us to talk about the merits of the Studio 3 sessions. Greg Benedetto echoed those sentiments and gave us a brief rundown on the Not Dead Yet fest. Aldo spoke to us about the DVDs and the importance of recording these sessions on a video format. The Blue Demon spoke to us about the importance of the history of the scene. Dhaibid James announced that we would start broadcasting Maximumrocknroll radio starting next week on Monday mornings from 2:00am til 3:00am. We paid tribute to Sam's book with a set. We programmed some new material to demonstrate our commitment to new material. We also programmed some sets related to people involved in the show. Have a listen.

SCHOOL DAMAGE - Irresponsible (CIUT)

WRONG GENERATION - Wrong Generation (CIUT)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Government Takeover (CIUT)
PICK YOUR SIDE - More Cops, More Krime (CIUT)

STEP FORWARD - Can't get ahead / The Life that chose me (Painkiller)
INMATES - No Future (DNA)
IRON LUNG - Sexless / No Sex / Lost Appeal / Pressure (Prank)
HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS - I don't play games (Toxic State)
URBAN BLIGHT - Blight makes right (Slasher)

NATIONS ON FIRE - Dishonourable Discharge (Self-Released)
CONTRAST ATTITUDE - No hope in there (Black Seeds)
ZETU - Ninja Attack (Hardcore Survival)


IRON REAGAN - Eat shit and live (Self-Released)
WATER TORTURE - Resistant (Grindcore Karaoke)
SEX BUNKER - Only Natural (Rainbo)
97'S - Sin Trampas (Enquire)
SEA OF SHIT - Worriess Srez (Grindcore Karaoke)
SNOB VALUE - Claptrap Spastuc fantastic)

TV FREAKS - Freelancer (CIUT)
BORN WRONG - No Etiquette (CIUT)
DEMOLITION - United we stand (CIUT)

QUARANTINE - Not of this earth (Unreleased)
THE 222'S - Hold Up (Sonik's Chicken Shrimp)
THE MODERN MINDS - Girl Crazy (Bumstead)
THE BUREAUCRATS - Bureaucracy (Self-Released)

FALLOUT - The Tin Canners (Red Menace)
THE ROTTEN - No good at all (Rebel Time)
THE NEW ENEMY - Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Self-Released)

KORO - Dear Sires (Sorry State)
THE STATISTICS - No Control (Rodent Popsicle)
CONTROLLED AGGRESSION - No title (Self-Released)
CHARGED - Negative Energy (Self-Released)

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