Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Careers in Science studio 3 session

Careers in Science are a band of friends who decided to be a post punk band inspired by the book "Our band could be your life". If you took the premise that the periuod between 1981 and 1991 are post-punk that is a huge arena of influences to draw from and Careers in Science do just that. On their CD "Whateverwolf" I heard influences that draw from as diverse groups like Minutemen and the anthemic parts of Rites of Spring. In our conversations that night they referenced bands like Mission of Burma, Wire, and the Clash. They did covers by the Cars, Neil Young, and Electric Six who are a funk band. We will be interviewing the band live on the show on Sunday January 29th and featuring material from this session recorded by Jon Hawkes. Here is the recording.

1. Rockets
2. Elizabeth Brown
3. Konami Code of Conduct
4. The Luxury of Forgetting
5. Patchwork Children
6. Boss Fight
7. Suri Cruise Missile
8. Damaged Men
9. Holy Shit, Giant Spiders
10. Fucking Up (Neil Young cover)
11. Just What I Needed (Cars cover)
12. Holiday Song
13. Gay Bar (Electric Six cover)
14. Hardcore Nice Guy

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