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FROSTBACKS – American Invasion (True North Records)

Stephe's Top 10 Canadian punk releases for 2011
THE REBEL SPELL– Uncontrollable (Rebel Time)
KNUCKLEHEAD – Rock, Rhythm and Boots (Stumble)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – I Hate Chores (Deranged)
HAZARDOUS WASTE – Jock Rock (Schizophrenic)
RAPID LOSS - Complete Wreck (Self-Released)
SICK CHARADE – Fucking Hesitation (Self-Released)
NO PROBLEM – Wish you were here (Deranged)
WEAK LINK demo – Last Rung (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR demo – Total War (Self Released)
PICK YOUR SIDE ep – Help Me Forget (A389)

Rob's Top 10 Canadian punk releases for 2011
SCHOOL JERKS - Ready to Die (Cowabunga)
SNAKEPIT - Frat Bopy Holocaust (No Contracts Jusrt Friends)
TEENANGER - Wasted (Self-Released)
MATURE SITUATIONS - Yoga Predator (High Anxiety)
SLOBS - Weapos Free (Cowabunga)
B-LINES - Psychedlic High School (Deranged / Nominal)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR - Decapitate me baby (Red Lounge)
TV FREAKS - Casual Encounters (Self-Released)
KREMLIN - No Work (Self-Released)
VACANT STATE - So Sick (Deranged)

D'Arcy's Top 5 Canadian punk releases for 2011
TRUNCHEONS - Killing Fields (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - They lead and we follow (Self-Released)
DEKODER - Hate song (Self-Released)
OMEGAS - Blasts of Lunacy (Deranged)
PREGNANCY SCARES - Don't Try (Self-Released)

Stephe's favoruite hardcore releases of 2011
LOW THREAT PROFILE “Product #2” LP – My Only Friends (Deep Six / Draw Blank)
VILE NATION “Tight Leash” ep – No War No Future (Even Worse / Way Back When)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH “Systema-8” ep – Sakitchodakedemo (Way Back When / Even Worse)
NUCLEAR CULT “Better Nightmares” ep – Der Mast (Warm Bath)
LIEUTENANT LP – Wake up Dumb (Peterwalkee / Warm Bath / Art of the Underground)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA “Huellas de odio” ep – Contaminados (Heart First)
REPROACH “The Bitter End” LP – Is This It? (Deep Six)
POISON PLANET “Undermine” ep – Bible Stories (Third Party)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE “Expiration Date” ep – Up the Ladder (Side Two)
WHOLE IN THE HEAD “Them and Us” ep – Fight Prejudice (Warm Bath / Dogdown / Zandor / Tadpole / Active Rebellion / Opiate)

Rob's favoruite hardcore releases of 2011
SPITS - Beat You Up (In the Red)
CRAMPS - I was a teenage werewolf (Moonlight)
CHIEFS - Eddie's Revenge (Dr. Strange)
HUNX AND THE PUNX - He's Coming Back (Hardly Art)
PUFFY AREOLAS - Gentlemen's grip (Hozac)
BROWN SUGAR - Brown Eyed Girl / Copper Helicopter (Feral Kid)
HEAVY TIMES - Let it Die (Hozac)
COLA FREAKS - Sniper (Hjernespind)
WAX IDOLS - Hotel Room (Hozac)
CULO - Military Trend (Self-Released)

D'Arcy's favoruite hardcore releases of 2011
DEATHRATS -Please (To Live a Lie)
CLEANSING WAVE - Collect Your Dirt (Katorga Works)
DEATH TOKEN - Al dreams are nightmares (Adult Crash)
NITAD - Ingen Chens (Adult Crash)
HUBRIS - Former (Self-Released)
NO STATIK - We all die in the end (Prank)
RALPH - I Can't Breathe (Self-Released)

NEGATIVE LIFESTYLE “Panic” ep – New Solutions (Deranged)
PSUDOKU “Space Grind” LP – BAaang (625 Thrash / Crucificados)
PETTURIN PALKKA “Kaikellaista Harmia” ep – Utopia (Tuska ja Ahdistus)
RAW NERVES “Burnt Skin” ep – Delusions (Inimical)
AVFART 33 – Panik / INSIDIOUS PROCESS – Internal Wars split LP (Halvfabrikat / Undislessed / Aborted Society)

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