Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Class Assassins studio 3 session

It has been ten years since Class Assassins were in at the station to play live and that is way too many years I was thinking as I watched in awe. From the opening chords which took me back to my old Skids and Stiff Little Fingers records to the vocal interplay that reminded me of how complicated the Clash back ups were. Just a flood of influences from the Ruts to Bad Brains it was a session to remember if not alone for Cactus' Grizzly Adams beard and chordless guitar.

1. Uprise
2. A Generation Robbed
3. Treason
4. Start Again
5. Still got a lot to give
6. Run for Cover
7. Breaking the Law
8. Fortunate Son


  1. My Grizzly Adams beard and chordless guitar thank you very much!

  2. better than his bush being beardy

    I really enjoyed this session Steph, thanks again for having us, and thumbs up to the mix cheerz to our mates at ExD