Monday, November 7, 2011

Radio - Sunday, November 6th, 2011

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SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Born in Japan (Way Back When / Even Worse)

VEIMEINEN KOLONNA - Sairaan Maailman Sairas Tuote / Kaikki Tanne (Roku / Gasmask / Psychedlica)
UNRULED - Clear the Pigs Out (Schizophrenic)
SLAKTRENS - Fuffens and Fiffel (Rawny / Fight Back / Turist i Tillvaron / Svindel)
RUIDOSA INMUNDICIO - Ilusiones (Heart First)

OPERATION IVY - Someday (Bootleg)
PROBLEM CHILDREN - Energy (Problem Children Wreckords)
RED40 - Frisco (Landmark)
PEGBOY - Fields of Darkness (Touch and Go)
SHOTMAKER - Nick's Question (Mung Fu / Manticore)

GEHENNA – Caveman (A389 Records)
SLUTS ON 45 – Waltz Me Dirty (Cheap Slut Records)
TUHKAUS “Sotatila” ep - Ennustus (Roku / Psychedlica)
TENEMENT – Spit in the Wind (Mandible)
GAZ-66 INTRUSION – Intellectual Apathy (625 Thrash / Crucificados)
RESIST CONTROL – Ideas not Politics (Feral Kid / Shock to the System)
PSUDOKU – Quantilibrium (625 Thrash / Crucificados)
BROWN SUGAR – Mind Fucked (Feral Kid)
GEHENNA – Yes Ma’am (A389 Records)
VIVSEKTIO – Nukekoti (Hohnie / Roku)

MORBO - Al Carajo
KROMOSOM - Live Forever (D-Tak)
MUCH WORSE - Can't Bullshit a Bullshitter (No Way)
CONDOMINIUM - Warm Home (Self-Released)
RATAS DEL VATICANO - Borrachlos Vagabundo (Bat Shit)
REGULATIONS - Different Needs (P Trash)
NIRVANA - Territorial Pissings (Geffin)

NEW BOMB TURKS - Sharpen (Bag of Hammers)
PRISON SHAKE - Ron Kinda World (Estrus)
SHEEP SQUEEZE - Vespa (Recess)
SCREAM - This Side Up (Dischord)
YAH MOH'S - Break Them Open (Recess)

OXBAKER - You May have water but you have no soul (Schizophrenic)
AVON LADIES - Power Failure (SYG)
RAPID LOSS - Complete Wreck (Self-Released)
JESUS H BOMBS - Freedom Fight (Self-Released)

NERVOUS HABITS - Buzzkill (Self-Released)
VICTIMS - Television Addict (Self-Released)
THE UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks (Sire)

Demo Feature
DELIBERATE ABUSE - Ready to Shred (Self-Released)
DELIBERATE ABUSE - Detroit Needs Help (Self-Released)
DELIBERATE ABUSE - You Look Bad in those pants (Self-Released)
DELIBERATE ABUSE - Hateraid (Self-Released)

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