Monday, February 14, 2011

Radio - Sunday, February 13, 2011

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1981 – Faster and Forward (Passing Bells)

GASMASK TERROR – Hate Will Prevail / Payday (Solar Funeral / I Feel Good)
KURWA APARATA – Silent World (Scumusick)
FEJLFIX – Flugt (Spaghetti Cassetti)
GERIATRIC UNIT – Let it Rot (Boss Tuneage)
BROKEN – At the Border (Vex)
BROKEN BONES – Stop ‘Em Now (Dem Bones Recordings)

SEASICK – The Cold Tribunal of Experience / Fail.Iterate (Refuse)
SCHOOL JERKS – N/A (H.R.S. Records)
I OBJECT – Saviour (Feral Kid)

FOUND DEAD IN TRUNK – Jesus Loves Me (Self-Released)
SOCIAL UNREST – Get It Together / No One’s Tool (Dr. Strange)

CURSED - Clocked In, Punched Out (Goodfellow)

DIRECT APPROACH - No Results (Self-Released)
INSIDE OUT - Redemption (Revelation)
VIVISICK - Hatred Infection (Avail)
LOW THREAT PROFILE - One and Only (Deep Six)

THE METAL EDDIES - Rock and Roll Cougar Party (No Vinyl)
THE GIRLS - Remote View (HoZac)

HEAVY TIMES - Ice Age (HoZac)
RED RED RED - Another Plane (Big Neck)

SOME GIRLS - Mary Mortuary (31G)
BLACK FAXES - Silver Tongue (Self-Released)
LIMP WRIST - We Started this band to get Dates (Lengua Armada)
URBAN BLIGHT - Absolute Control (Static Shock)
RAPE REVENGE - More Mosh, Less Macho (Self-Released)
ANIMAL FACES - A Deep Thought (A Mountain Far)

HICKEY - Revenge of the Mole People  (Self-Released)

NEUTRON RATS - Sick To My Stomach (Self-Released)
NEUTRON RATS - Army Life (Self-Released)
NEUTRON RATS - No Hope, No Glory (Self-Released)
NEUTRON RATS - Age of Man Dies (Self-Released)
NEUTRON RATS - Rest Your Head In The Noose (Self-Released)

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