Sunday, September 21, 2008

Radio - Sunday, September 21, 2008

END PROGRAM - The Seed Has been Planted (HA4TLD)

TYRANNA - Revenge (Boppa Do Down)
63 MONROE - Cyanide (Rave Up)
SLOPPY SECONDS - So Fucked Up (Taang!)
ANTI-FLAG - Stars and Stripes (Fat)
BAD RELIGION - We’re Only Gonna Die (Epitaph)
ONE BLOOD - Reform Party (Gern Blandsten)

OUT COLD - I’m a Cutter (Kangaroo)
H100s - Dismantle (S.Y.G.)
SOCIALCIDE - Power tripper (Kangaroo)
AVSKUM - Killed By State (Prank)
ERISTETYT - Punk Elaa (Roku)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Roir)

Studio 3 Session
END PROGRAM - The New Americas / Vice Vs. / Criminal (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - Niche Avant Garde (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - Non-Sufficient (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - Polarbeard (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - SongTM / Lights (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - Interview (CIUT)
END PROGRAM - Polarbeard (Self-Released)

LEFT OVER CRACK - Life is Pain (Alternative Tentacles)
NO FX - Clams Have Feelings Too (Epitaph)
CHOKING VICTIM - Five Finger Discount (Hellcat)
THE ROCK ONS - Punk Rock Lesbian (Self-Released)
PHANTOM LIMBS - Look Ma No Hands (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD KENNEDYS - We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now (Alternative Tentacles)

Demo Feature
BOMBER - Mourning (Self-Released)
BOMBER - Used (Self-Released)
BOMBER - Go & Tell (Self-Released)
BOMBER - Lying Dogs (Self-Released)
BOMBER - Gut Reaction (Self-Released)
BOMBER - When your Time is Up (Self-Released)

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