Sunday, September 28, 2008

Radio - Sunday, September 28, 2008

RAH - Time Will Tell (Chez Ogilvie)

TINNER - Ursakta var ar Rannstennen (Smyt)
AVSKUM - The Massacre in Fallujah (Prank)
INSTANGD - Hjart Attack (Sorry State)
PAHAA VERTA - Meidan Aika (Roku)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Why Be Something That You’re Not (Touch ‘n Go)

Top 10 - September 2008
CORPUS DEI - Divide and conquer (Feral Kid)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - No Return (Profane Existence)
S/M - The Hunt (Punks Before Profit$)
ARGY BARGY - My Life (Captain oi!)
THE JOLTS - An Electric Testimonial (Haute Voltage)
UV RAYS - In the Night (Feral Kid)
STATUES - Where are you ? (Deranged)
BILL BONDSMEN - Another wave (Dead Beat)
END OF ALL - Andloa Korridor (Crimes Against Humanity)
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Come and see (HG Fact / Prank)

Studio 3 Session
RAH - Leave Me Alone (CIUT)
RAH - Reality Check (CIUT)
RAH - Fuck the World (CIUT)
RAH - In The End (CIUT)
RAH - New Song (CIUT)
RAH - Walk Away (CIUT)
RAH - Peace of Mind (CIUT)
RAH - Interview (CIUT)
RAH - Reality Check (Chez Ogilvie)

SENSE APOCALYPSE - Pain in the Ass (HG Fact)
HOBRINUS DUDES - No Substance (Punks Before profit$)
UNPOLLUTED - Resident Infinity (HG Fact)
EASIES - Decide (Too Circle)
FOR THE WORSE - Smoke and Mirrors (Kangaroo)

63 MONROE – Hey Little Girl (Rave Up)
TYRANNA - Shockface / Johnny (Boppa Do Down)
DEFIANCE - Burn (HG Fact)
MIKAZUKI BAKOUNDAN - Look at me, My Motion (HG Fact)
GOLDBLADE - Do the Neo-Con (Captain oi!)

Demo Feature
CONTAGIUM - Salt the Earth (Self-Released)
CONTAGIUM - Morbid Intentions (Self-Released)
CONTAGIUM - Bundlylead (Self-Released)
CONTAGIUM - Constant Fear (Self-Released)
CONTAGIUM - Disgust and Frustration (Self-Released)
IGNI ET FERRO - Hapea (Tuska ja Ahdistus)

BRAT PACK - Elections (Dirty Faces)

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