Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

THE LURKERS - Punk Rock Brought Us Together (Captain Oi!!)

JEAN MILL SOCIETY TORCH - I Hate Police (Firestarter)
BRAIN HANDLE - Sentimental Men (Fashionable Idiots)
THE BREAKS - Catch a Bad one (Firestarter)
MK ULTRA - Nation in Mourning (Lengua Armada)
SEEIN’ RED - Resisting Together (Hate)

DIE ANGST - Endlichkeit (Thought Crime)
DRUNK - Razor Blades and Aspirin (CD Track 7)
GRAY MATTER - 4 AM (Dischord)
SINKIN’ SHIPS - Boothill (Sink & Destroy)
JINGO DE LUNCH - Utopia (We Bite)
SNFU - Don’t Have a Cow (Epitaph)

DISRESPECT - Up the Punx (Profane Existence)
DISTRESS - Last Day of the Human race (Self-Released)
DISCLOSE - Hide from the War (Plague Bearer)
DISFEAR - Det Sista Kriget (Rodel)
DISKELMA - Filthy Future (Kamaset Levyt)
DISPENCE - When Will It Stop (No Records)

BLOWBACK - Cut off the World (HG Fact)
HELLSHOCK - Quantum Sickness (Crimes Against Humanity)
DOG SOLDIER - While We Sleep (HG Fact)
BOMBENALARM - No Mistakes (Hate)
THE NOW DENIAL - Glittering Lights / Mallratstraps (Too Circle)
MASSGRAVE - Never Again / Man’s Creation (Unrest)
LEGION666 - Vestige Through Drakness (Yellow Dog)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Fire in the Rain (Fringe)

BLUE VOMIT - Fotti Il Mito (S.O.A.)
WRETCHED - Track 9
DECLINO - Tutto Cio Che Mi Sai Dire (CD Track 9)
RAW POWER - A Certain Kind of Killer / Army (Ugly Pop)
NEGAZIONE - Lasciami Stare (Mordam)
I REFUSE IT ! - Agguato (Schizophrenic)

Demo Feature
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Can’t Comprehend (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Letter 5 (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Manufactured Consent (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Terrified (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - What the Fuck ?! (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Cocaine Keegan (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Rat Race (Self-Released)
LIFE CAUSES CANCER - Cats in the Bag (Self-Released)
KAKKA-HATA 77 - Kakka-Hata 77 (Combat Rock)

HONG KONG BLONDE - Into the Darkness (VPAF)

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