Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PAGANS – Give Up (Smog Veil)

DEATH BEFORE WORK - Bologna has a good scene, Too Bad I Live in Milano (SOA Records)
TAKE ON FOR THE TEAM - Take One for the Team Tetris youth Attack (Sir Punkly)
SKULLFACE AND OTHERS - Andy wells Fix your Roads (Self-Released)
RADICAL ATTACK - Muckmen (Vinyl Addict)
ABOUT TO SNAP - Song 1 + 2 (A389 Records)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Brain Damaged (Radio 81)
SPYMASTER - Spymaster (Too Circle)
THIS SHIP WILL BURN - The Man With No Name (Fall of the West)

JESUS MULLET - Cash Money (Sir Punkly)
HELLSHOCK - Welcome to the Void (Crimes Against Humanity)
DOG SOLDIER - While We Sleep (Crimes Against Humanity)
BORN/DEAD - Nuance (Prank)
BEHIND ENEMY LINES - Turning a Blind Eye (Profane Existence)

SEEIN’ RED - Profits Over people (Hate Records)
MOB 47 - Child Molester (Profane Existence)
HERESY - Trapped in a Scene (Speed State Records)
RUIN - From the Ruins (MCR Company)
KVOTERINGEN - Vidrig Maskinall Framfart (Terrotten)
TOTALITAR - Piller Mot Allt (Prank)
SEITAN - Frihet ar slaveri (Profane Existence)

PRESS GANG - Retail (Bloodlink)
CAUSTIC CHRIST - Sadist society (Havoc)
CROSS LAWS - Don’t Call this Life (Self-Released)
BOMBED OUT - August 6th (Capitalcide)
HERO DISHONEST - Road to the Arctic Ocean (if Society)
HAYMAKER - It Only gets Worse (Deranged)

THE BLACK & WHITES - That Girl Ain’t No Good (Douchemaster)
MASSHYSTERI - Monoton Tid (Feral Ward)
MIKA MIKO - Take it serious (PPM)
SEX/VID - Always homo (Dom America)
PEDESTRIANS - Insufficient Funds (Residue)

THE UNDERTONES - Get Over you (Sire)
THE ERGS - Kinda Like Smitten
THE TWEEZERS - Get thaGirl (Time Bomb)

THE MODERN MACHINES - Flash Infatuation (Recess)
USED KIDS - Hambriurabi Would Break your Heart (Salinas)

Demo Features
NUMMIES - Nummies Anthem (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - Fire Burning Eyes (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - It’s What we do (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - Fuck Work (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - No More (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - Lies (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - I vs I (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - No Time (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - Fick the Rats (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - For the Money (Self-Released)
NUMMIES - Constant S.O.S. (Self-Released)

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