Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

IRON LUNG - Pigs Hands / stone Hands / Future Corpses / Sexless/no Sex (Prank)

DOG SOLDIER - Devil’s Masquerade (HG Fact)
FRAMTID - Land of Devastation (Hate)
GAUZE - Track 2 (Self-Released)
BLOWBACK - No Pain (HG Fact)
RAMMER - Obliteration WWIV (Unrest)

KOROVA - Degrassi Fight Music (Victimized)
KORO - Koro (Sorry State)
CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for Disaster (Deranged)
THE FREEZE - No one’s coming Home (Schizophrenic)
VICIOUS CYCLE - Brain Damaged (Radio 81)
THE SKITZOS – Watch out ! (Longshot)
THIS SHIP WILL BURN - The man With No face (Fall of the West)
SPY MASTER - Acceptance (Too Circle)

RESTARTS - Cluster Bombs (Self-Released)
ANGELS, SAINTS & HEROES - Save Me, Forgive Me, Fuck You (Unreleased)
THE BILLYBONES - All Excess (Dr. Strange)
ORDER - Donki (HG Fact)
999 - the System (Dr. Strange)

SPECTRES - Message from Above (Whisper in Darkness)
HELLSHOCK - Welcome to the Void (Crimes Against Humanity)
LEGION666 - Broken Vows (Schizophrenic)
VICTIMS - Who the Fuck are we (Havoc)
CURSED - THE Hands Will Abide (Goodfellow)
LIVING DARKNESS - Waking Nightmares (High Anxiety)

CCSS - One Lie (Radio 81)
RELIGIOUS AS FUCK - Why Go Out (Self-Released)
BORN/DEAD - Anamnesis (Prank)
PULLING TEETH - Rains (A389)
THE NOW DENIAL - the Fat cat (Too Circle)
SEE YOU IN HELL - Helpness (Too Circle)
GERM ATTAK - Lifestyle Anarchism (MCR Company)
INSTANT ASSHOLE - Fight to Fight (Tank Crimes)

Demo Feature
BAD SKIN - Make Your Own Way (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - Commute (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - We’re Dogs (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - Pin Drops (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - Junkies (Self-Released)
BAD SKIN - The Choice (Self-Released)

ANXIETY ATTACK - If It Bleeds It is (B.B.S.)
ALERT! ALERT! - Bored to Death (B.B.S.)
THE CREEPY ALIENS - Ode to Odinism (B.B.S.)
CRAP CORPS - Put Your Mean Face On (B.B.S.)
THE BLACKOUTS - Junkies (B.B.S.)
WHEN GOOD ROBOTS GO BAD - Up the Muppet Punks (B.B.S.)
THE HAMBURGLARS - Killing Spree (B.B.S.)

OI POLLOI - Stop Vivisection Now (Overground)

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