Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday, January 6, 2008

LEGION666 - Despotic Fervour (Schizophrenic)

Best of the Killed by Death scene
VARUKERS, THE - No Hope of a Future (Captain Oi!)
TOY DOLLS - Up the Garden Path (Captain Oi!)
LURKERS - Shadow (Captain Oi!)
DOA - The Prisoner (Sudden Death)
UK SUBS - I live in a Car (Captain Oi!)
KORO - 1st Church (Sorry State)
TERVEET KADET - the Land of Hope (Propaganda)
DISCHARGE - Ain’t No Feeble Bastard (Captain Oi!)
CHANNEL 3 - Out of Control (Captain Oi!)
FREEZE, THE - Voices from My Window (Schizophrenic)

Best of Re-issues – Later Years
L.S.D. - Kill You (Schizophrenic)
ARGUE DAMNATION - Manifesto (MCR Company)
MISGUIDED - State of War (Mad at the World)
HICKOIDS, THE - the Longest Mile (Saustex)
CHRIST ON PARADE - Thoughts of War (Prank)
DEADFALL - It’s Okay (Six Weeks)
DRILLER KILLER - Who ? (Crimes Against Humanity)
TALK IS POISON - Draw Blood (Prank)
DISKONTO - Mentalt Sarajevo (Crimes Against Humanity)
ACCUSED, THE - Take My time (Condar)

Gena’s favourite releases of 2007
EPISODE - Untitled (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - the Castle (Self-Released)
WASTE MANAGEMENT - Dead Weight / Stuck (Painkiller)
PRESS GANG - No Sleep (Hardware)
HAZARDOUS WASTE - Profit & Power (Self-Released)
KILL YOUR IDOLS - Words Without Actions (Lifeline)
LOST KIDS - Cola Freaks
COLA FREAKS - Paranoid (Hjernespind)
BAMBETTES - I Wanna (Kick Your Ass)
DISHRAGS - Past is Past (Jem)
NERVOUS WRECKS - Like they said (Self-Released)
RED DONS - Everyday Distraction (Deranged)
MIGRA VIOLENTA - You Promise Not (I Deal)
REALITY CRISIS - Slash ‘em All (HG Fact)

Best Compilations
OMAISUUSVAHINKO - Mita teet taala ? (Roku)
RED TIDE – My Son is Kuwahara (AYECH)
CONFLICT – Mighty and Superior (Overground)
BRAINIAX – 32% (625 Productions)
NO SLOGAN – Death of Cool (Southkore)
TV PARTY – Your Not a Punk (Peter Bowers)
BURN AGAIN – Without Aim (Roku)
WARKRIME – Everybody Hates Me (No Way)
NIGHTMARE – Chain Reaction (HG Fact)
VIIMEINEN KOLONNA – Direktiivit (Kamaset Levyt)

Best Demoes
NITAD - Ge Mig Ge Mig (Self-Released)
B-LINES - Dryer Fire (Self-Released)
NIGHTBRINGER - Fight Like Hell (Self-Released)
ACID REFLUX - I’m No Soldier (Self-Released)
REGRESS - What would You Do (Self-Released)

LIVING IN DARKNESS - The Fits (Self-Released)

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