Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

DICKIES - Fan Mail (Captain Oi!)

DISCOCKS - Alternative Choice (MCR Company)
KAKKA-HATA 77 - Kapitalismi Haisee (Combat Rock Industry)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - the Heat (Feral Ward)
COCK SPARRER - Gotta Get Out (Captain Oi!)
THE RESTARTS - Outsider (Self-Released)

SLEEPWALKERS R.I.P. - Get Out While You can (Dead Ideas)
COLA FREAKS - Keder Mig (Hjernespind)
DEFECT DEFECT - Little Ways (Clarence Thomas)
BOB BURNS AND THE BREAKUPS - Get this Way (Gearhead)
PIOVRA LA - Tentacoli (Agipunk)

SIGNS OF HOPE - Look Inside (Goodwill)
GET THE MOST - Clock Me Out (Crucial Response)
ALLEGIANCE - Taking It Back (Rivalry)
NAMES FOR GRAVES – Phil Spector (Refuse)
ENDSTAND - Heart of Gold (Combat Rock Industry)
HOODS UP - Eyes wide shut (Refuse)
NO GOAL - Get Down (Third Party)
FACE THE PANIC - El Diablo Blanco (Rivalry)
PILGER - Disclaimer / Jaded Youth Crew (Go Down Fighting)
LET’S GROW - Disease of Modern Times (Refuse)

SVARTENBRANDT - Va a Grejen (Self-Released)
DEAD DOGS - Dead Dogs (Self-Released)
LIVING IN DARKNESS - The Fits (Self-Released)
REPROBATES - Abandoned City (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Hard Charger Death Stomp (Self-Released)

ENCROACHED - Shoot the Icons (Shock to the System)
EVERYTHING FALLS APART - Planning My Escape (Self-Released)
WARKRIME - Fuck It (No Way)
PERMANENT TRIP - Losing Ground (Shock to the System)
APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT – Enslaved (Profane Existence)

FUCKED UP - Invisible Leader (Deranged)
BALLAST - Kicking Myself (Stonehenge)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGANS - Lets Go (Self-Released)
LIMB FROM LIMB - Final Unholy Judgement (No Options)
TRIOXIN 245 - Who’s Hot (counter Alarme)

WHEN SEASONS CHANGE - Black Stain (Commitment)
GO IT ALONE - Love (Rivalry)
SECOND COMBAT – Infidelity (Commitment)
TRUST - Libres para elegir (Emancypunx)
NEW WINDS - Real Judas syndrome (Refuse)

Demo Feature
DER TODESKING - the Doombird Cometh (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - A Chronological Checklist (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - Culture Wars for Culture Whores (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - Mind Melter (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - Surfing the Zeitgeist (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - grumblegrumblegumble (Self-Released)
DER TODESKING - Empty Head Wins Again (Self-Released)

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