Monday, September 24, 2007

Radio - Sunday, September 23, 2007


MINOR THREAT - Out of Step (Dischord)
GO IT ALONE - Relics (Rivalry)
PROJECT X - Straight Edge Revenge

YOUNG LIONS - Things Are Gonna Change (Self-Released)
DOA - Woke Up Screaming (Sudden Death)
REALLY RED - Bar-B-Q (Angry Neighbor)

THE PLEASURE SEEKERS - What a Way to Die (Satan)
THE GREAT SCOTS - Ball & Chain (Sundazed)
DEAD MOON - Poor Born (Sub Pop)

SHAM 69 - I Don't Wanna (Captain Oi!)
COCKSPARRER - Take 'em All (Bitzcore)
ABRASIVE WHEELS - The Army Song (Riot City)

INEPSY - It's a Time Bomb (Feral Ward)
SUBHUMANS - Big Cities (Spiderleg)
SPAZZ - Hey Bob What's Up (Deep Six0

MOTORHEAD - Remember Me When I'm Gone (Bronze)
ROSE TATTOO - Astra Wally (Carrere)
BLASPHEMY - Desecration (Nuclear War Now)

Demo Feature
DEAD END - Youth Now (Self-Released)
DEAD END - Don' Talk Politics (Self-Released)
DEAD END - Rock vs. Racism (Self-Released)
DEAD END - No Rights (Self-Released)
DEAD END - Soldier Boy (Self-Released)
DEAD END - Depression (Self-Released)
DEAD END - The Government You and Me (Self-Released)
DEAD END - Death Game (Self-Released)
DEAD END - The Children (Self-Released)

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