Monday, September 17, 2007

Radio - Sunday, September 16, 2007

PROJECT HOPELESS - From the Dust and the Concrete (Self-Released)

LIAR'S ACADEMY - Run for Cover (Goodwill)
THE FURIES - White Noise (Self-Released)
THE VAPIDS - Touched by an Angel (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - the End of the War Years (Insurgence)

COLA FREAKS - Parnoid (Hjernespind)
CATHOLIC BOYS - Sick to Death (Trick Knee)
TEROR VISIONS - Blood is Sweet But Semen is sweeter (FDH)
SNAKE APT - Paint the Walls (Parts Unknown)

GUERILLA POUBELLE - la fin Suffira (Nullepart)
AT HALF MAST - Genuine (Goodwill)
RUNNAMUCKS - Screwed (Six Weeks)
GUILT LUST - The Devil is in the Details (Fun as Smack)
FRIGHTENER - Praetorian (A389)

MARK SULTAN - Something Wrong (In The Red)
ROMANCE NOVELS - Quarter to Four (Pizza Party)
PHANTOM LIGHTS - Birds (Hovercraft)
HIPS - Cut Up
THE COATHANGERS - Shut the Fuck up (Rob's House)

BURN AGAIN - Without Aim (Roku)
NIGHTMARE - Sometimes you Have to Scream from Nightmare (HG Fact)
PECHBLENDE - Consent (Tuned to You)
BURIAL - Dissatisfied (HG Fact)
GAUZE - Distort Japan (JPC)
KVOTERINGEN - Om 40 Ar (Terrortten)

CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Victory (Feral Ward)
HARD SKIN - Beer and Fags (Broken Rekids)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Suspect Device (Rough Trade)

DANGERLOVES - Lipsmart (Fashionable Idiots)
VELVET CLAWS - Quarantine (Fans of Bad Productions)
THE NYMPHETS - You Look So good (Self-Released)
B-LINES - Burnt CDs / Leaving (Self-Released)
TRANZMITORS - Teen Man (Deranged)

MANIFESTO JUKEBOX - If I Had a Soul (Combat Rock)
LAYBACKS - This City (Roku / S.U.P.O.)
WASTED - Here Now & Always (Combat Rock)
POLTTOITSEMURHA - 20 Litraa Pensaa (Roku)
JOHNNY AND THE PHUX - Benefit (Rat Bite)

Demo Feature
MIDDLE AMERICA - Bloodstains Across Middle America (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Heard it all Before (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - It Hurts …. (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - I (Still) Hate You (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Teenage Depression (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Destroy Yourself (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - Wake Up (White Trash) (Self-Released)
MIDDLE AMERICA - All the Same (Self-Released)

BABY GUTS - Staplegun (Guilt Ridden Pop)

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