Monday, September 18, 2006

Radio - Sunday, September 17, 2006

SUDDEN IMPACT - Gonzo (Marquee)

BOB BURNS AND THE BREAKUPS - Hydrostatic Heart (Plastic Idol)
DEAN DIRG - Never Adds Up (Hate)
MARGARET THRASHER - Anti-Reverence Anthem (Clarence Thomas)
LOS INVASORES - Te Estoy Penetrando (Lengua Armada)
RUM RUNNERS - Discourse on the Canadian Interpretation of the Irish Pub (Stumble)
THE MAHONES - Whiskey in the Jar (Stumble)
THE OUTBRED INLAWS - Sweet Country Girls (Self-Released)

SCARE TACTIC - Gun Control (Schizophrenic)
THEY LIVE - Scapegoat in a Trenchcoat (Ugly Pop)
PINKEYE - In Praise of School Shooters (Slasher)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - No Moderation (Feral Ward)
CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for Disaster (Deranged)

THE GRUDGES - Be Alive (Delta Pop)
MUKEKA DI RATO - Moldar (Schandmaul)
VOLENDAM DISEASE - Abolition (Kangaroo)
RIGHT ON - Reality Vacation (Malfunction)
SHEGLANK'D SHOULDERS - Flatspot Hell (Hit the Deck)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Drunk Driving (Marquee)

DEAD KENNEDYS - We've got a Bigger Problem Now (Alternative Tentacles)
DISCOCKS - Disgusting Snob (MCR Company)
HAT TRICKERS - The terror (The Conscription) (MCR Company)
BLITZ - New Age (Captain Oi!)
CHELSEA - Don't Get Me Wrong (Captain Oi!)
THE BRIGGS - Wasting Time (Side One Dummy)
THE BRISTLES - We're Not in It to Lose (Rodent Popsicle)

SUDDEN IMPACT - No Rest for the Wicked (Diabolic Force)
SUBHUMANS - Firing Squad (CD Presents)
REAL KIDS - Make It Go Away (TKO)
KIDNAPPERS - Talk To You (Rip Off)
MARKED MEN - It's Not a Crime (Swami)

ASSERT - Cultural Trespass (Hideous Eye)
GREX - Zase Stojis (Self-Released)
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Bonds of Enmity (Crimes Against Humanity)
RABIES - Pribeh Maleho Kovboje (Self-Released)
F.P.O. - Hatred is the Product of Your Fear (Schandmaul)
ECO TERROR - Are You Really That…. (Self-Released)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - Ugly Money (Feral Ward)

DOA - Fucked Up Ronnie (Sudden Death)
4-SKINS - Evil (Captain Oi!)
ONE WAY SYSTEM - Spokesmen for the Teenagers (Captain Oi!)
ACTION PACT - Sixties Flix (Captain Oi!)

Demo Feature
JUDGE DREAD - Isolation Sickness (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Ever Feel ? (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Death Rattle, Part 1 (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Race Traitor (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Judge Dread (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Death Rattle, Part 2 (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Insincere (Self-Released)
JUDGE DREAD - Intro/Logickill (Self-Released)

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