Monday, September 11, 2006

Radio - Sunday, September 10, 2006

INEPSY - Street City Kids (Feral Ward)

SKIT SYSTEM - Doden Ar Min Maskinist (Unsociable)
NAUGHT IN THE MISERY - No Hope, No Honesty (MCR Company)
NIGHTMARE - Jet Real (Hate)
DEATH TOKEN - On the Fields of Prey (Hate)
POGO MACHINE - Riot & Pressure (MCR Company)

TRIPLE THREAT - Man on Fire (Bridge 9)
COLDBRINGER - No More apologies (Dead Ideas)
ABOUT TO SNAP - Song 5 (Specimen 32)
NAMES FOR GRAVES - the Movement (Searching for Ray Cappo) (Specimen 32)
BETTER THAN A THOUSAND - Transformation (Self-Released) (Specimen 32)

Studio 3 Session
INEPSY - Who's Next (CIUT)

INEPSY - City Weapons (CIUT)
INEPSY - Rock 'n' Roll Babylon (CIUT)
INEPSY - Inferno Machine (CIUT)
INEPSY - Street City Kids (CIUT)
INEPSY - Time Bomb! / Germ Warfare (CIUT)
INEPSY - Last Call! (CIUT)
INEPSY - Hammer Hearth (CIUT)
INEPSY - We are Here to Climb (CIUT)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Sudden Impact (Self-Released)
INEPSY - Interview (CIUT)
INEPSY - The Last Call (Feral Ward)

JOHN DEERE - Nothing (Drachenwerkstatt)
OUTRAGED - Ojos del Racismo / 23 Hrs (Lengua Armada)
LIMP WRIST - What's Gone Wrong ? (Lengua Armada)
SIN ORDEN - Somos la Mayoria (Lengua Armada)
SMARTUT KAHOL LAVAN - Beaten Humiliated Defeated (Lengua Armada)
BLACKBIRDS - The Insomniac (Specimen 32)

Demo Feature
IDIOTS RULE - Crap (Waste Your Life)
IDIOTS RULE - Warfare Pig (Waste Your Life)
IDIOTS RULE - I Disagree (Waste Your Life)
IDIOTS RULE - You Bore Me (Waste Your Life)
IDIOTS RULE - Zero Mentality (Waste Your Life)

SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent OK (Self-Released)

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